English – SPEAK IT.

This is why I worry about the education of todays children growing up in good old England, run under a decaying government. At the risk of sounding somewhat ego-driven here given that I am a fussy bastard, I truly worry for this nations children when my 14-15 year old neice sends me the following email. After a single split second glance I returned the email stating pretty much what the above picture states. Continue to speak like a twat, and you’ll end up failing everything – including life.

dude can you send me the pictures where your pg teddies have holes in them
or what not!!!
the one you have at work!!
you they had gun shots in emm!!
an wahh nott!!

loll and ahhh ahahaha
omgg guess wahhh the bopizz fingiee has changeedd!
heheheh and my skwll is not that goodd!! but i am trying!!
for my science test i got 23 out of 50 – which is a d!!

sos but fankss!!! and ahhhh i carnt help itt!! loll
wen you coming down and don’t worry i wont let yyour dad near my fish tank!!
so thta aint and excuse!! lollll

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