Real Name: Darren
Online Nicks:
Kain or Kainz
London, Uk
IT Technician and Acoustics engineer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kainz_UK
IRC: #id on QuakeNet
This be my bio page type thing! In here I like say stuff about myself and try to make myself look cool and all that, but I’ll dispense with the garbage and tell you the truth. Darren (thats my name!) aka Kain or Kainz (my online nicknames).

In his early years Darren spent a good few years in diapers, and trendy 70’s jumpers with fluffy logo’s on them and stuff. Laugh all you want, but he was like a posterchild for Mothercare I tell you. At the tender age of 6, his father gave him a kind kiss on his forehead as he entered his brand new school, which made all his friends laugh at him. Darren didn’t really like school after that…

One day during the late 80’s, he pestered his parents to get him a lovely Amstrad CPC464 with a color screen, and from then onwards his addiction to computer gaming, programming, and whinging began.

Over the years he pestered his parents a lot more and they bought him lots of wonderful electronic stuff and computers! Ah the wonder’s of being a only child. Growing up was a horrible lonely experience though…still is at present. Darren doesn’t like to speak about life after high school. It’s messy, long, and rather boring to tell the truth.

Right, enough of the smalltalk anyway. I’m a IT Technician type geek person as well as a long time games player. Right now at present I live in the busy, expensive and ultra ripoff city of London, have done all my life. I’ve spent years around the IT sector, as well as various electronics companies. Since 2004 things have gradually become a lot better for me with 2005 being my best year in a very long time, 2006 looks equally promising.
2006 see’s me working at large electronics firm developing sonar and navigation equipment for the ministry of defence. Woo! I won’t post about the details of this for obvious reasons, last thing I need is to be hunted down by the MIB…  My line of work is mostly in acoustic work building and testing various bits of military equipment.

Why start up a blog? Well why not? Aside from helping out on my mate Phil’s site which is the now defunct Halfmad.com I rarely had the time to work on a weblog until now, and I’ve always wanted to detail my life’s little events on the web. I’ve been around on the internet for a while now and it has become a way of life for me, I’d struggle without it now, so blogging is the perfect way for me to express myself.

On this blog I’ll be covering a variety of topics, with an obvious emphasis on the stuff that I like. So thats Blogging, Gaming, IT Hardware, Xbox 360 news, Internet news and most importantly – Gadgets!