Here you’ll find a (hopefully) wide assortment of various articles on aspects of this blog that I wish to expand on. Life, Technology etc – I’ll be talking about it right here!

Goodbye ICQ

January 18th 2006

I wave goodbye to ICQ, an instant messaging (IM) client that I have used since 1997.

Xbox 360 – Why Move?

February 5th 2006

I’ve been gaming on the PC platform since the early days of Windows 3.1 and good old DOS. I’ve never looked back as we’ve progressed through the years. As a die hard pc gamer, just why did I give up on the PC and move to the console platform? Given that I despise consoles. Read on.

Windows Vista – Worth the wait?

February 18th 2007

An article highlighting some of the main features Windows XP users can expect to encounter when they make the transition to this new operating system.

Windows Vista – Two months later

March 31st 2007

Now that two months have passed since the arrival of Windows Vista. Read my experiences with this new operating system.

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive in Windows Vista

May 16th 2007

Just purchased an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive? Did you know that it could be used in Windows XP and Vista? Well it can! – Gymnastics Night

June 1999

Screenshots from an old event held by members of the newsgroup, way back in 1999 during the days when Half Life ruled online FPS gaming.

RIP Launch Day Xbox 360

March 3rd 2008

I bid farewell to my October 2005 built launch day 360. It’s gaming prowess blew me away, and it’s solid reliability more so.

Broadband In The UK

May 25th 2008

UK Internet Service Providers are under increasing strain to find more capacity for it’s consumers as Video and Download services emerge. What happens now?