(AGHL Gymnastics Night) June 1999

On the night of Tuesday 15th, members from met up for a mass gymnastics event, which would take place on a map, designed by Gustavo. The event took place on a DM server which was kindly hosted by KingRobo. The map consisted of 32 players from, some of whom would be taking pictures, and timedemos, although even those people got battering from the occasional crowbar wielding madman on the map.

The Activities that were done on the night:

  • 30 man/woman/alien/thing stack on a cut down Harley whilst moving
  • The usual human pillars
  • Everyone standing in a row whilst the bike runs them down
  • Mass 32 man crowbar fight in the mosh pit.

Thanx goto [SLH]Kamikaze, [SLH]Gustavo, KingRobo, for coming up with the idea and executing it well, [TLG]FireMuffin aka Kez for taking countless Timedemo’s before being crowbarred to death 🙂

Our first attempt at man/woman/alien/thing stack on a cut down Harley whilst moving. Naturally, something had to go wrong….

The human pillar went shockingly well, with the odd crowbar whack killing a few peeps. Thanks Silentbob 🙂

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