Death of a Launch-Day Xbox 360

Farewell loyal friend

So today I got home, and watched Supernatural (tv series) on my launch day 360. This thing has been tremendously loyal to me through the years. I finished watching and then switched the machine off for a bit so I could get some munchies.

An hour later I fired it up to go Laptop hunting in CoD4, except the game hard locked as the mission started. So I rebooted the bugger only to see my first 3 RRoD. 😀

I was at first jumping with glee! Then came the sorrow as I realised that my hopes of this being a very long lasting 360 had been dashed. I was expecting it to go in 2008 anyway. So out came the spanner, chainsaw, pillers and cutters and off came the casing to reveal the HEATSINK OF DOOM.

In order to fix this I would require some serious tooling. A Vax 2200 Performance vacuum cleaner, a can of Roline Compressed Air, a cadburys chocolate finger and lots of pointy things to pry the case open. In short, I cleaned the bugger out good and proper and plonked the 360 onto my desk in all its nekkid glory. I then let it heat up with the RRoD’s in place for 15 minutes and then rebooted the machine….

Yays! I have been huntin for those laptops in Iraq for the past 2 hours now. Seriously though, I’m torn between getting a new 360 right now. I wanted to quit console gaming in 2008 – after playing the handful of titles I’m interested in – GTA4, Condemned 2 and Gears of War 2 – if the latter doesn’t slip.

A week later the 360 RRoD’d on me again, yet was brought to life again with the ‘Towel Trick‘, and since then has done this three times with the towel trick bringing it back to life on each occasion. I could fix the problem simply fitting in a custom X-Clamp to solve the poor cooling design of the early 360’s, it’s a piece of cake. I just haven’t the time to do this though so I bid farewell to my loyal 360. It is time to get my secondary Core 360 back!

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