Artistic House Design with Unique Decoration Ideas

This house, called Il Tempo Ritravato is located in Brescia, Italy. Completed and Designed by Claudia Pelizzari Interior Design in 2013, this house offers you and artistic decoration ideas with some Italian touches on it. The endearing and picturesque design of this house will rediscover the time that we spend on it.

First, you can see an endearing looking patio design on it. There is an outdoor dining tables with some dull metal chairs on it. You can also see a metal outdoor fireplace that looks so comfortable with some cushions on it. Some bamboos that planted on it will be a good addition for this kind of design. It would be a good place for you and family to gather in this place at the evening.

For the interior design, you can see a lot of artistic decoration ideas that will blast he nuance inside this house. Even though the living room design is a bit disorganized, but you can see a lot of unique furniture on it, like the metal coffee table and chaise lounge on it. The grey accent wall with a lot of accessories and stuff on the wall unit will make this design more complicated.

The small kitchen with a round kitchen table on it seems to be an adequate space for sure. You can see the wooden materials of the cabinetry is combined perfectly with the sleek metal surface of the materials on it. You can also notice that there is a wine cellar above the kitchen which will provide you a delectable beverage after a dinner.

This house design has a very artistic and stylish design for sure. Some Italian and modern aesthetic on it will make this design more remarkable. Moreover, you can also see that there are a lot of special decorations that make the design so fascinating.

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