Astounding Contemporary Home Design with Wood panels Accent

A contemporary home design with some natural materials on it will be a very good stuff that you need to consider. You need to take a look at this private home design that located in Singapore. The house that designed by HYLA Architects seems to be a very good choice that you can get.

The captivating fa├žade of this house would attract many compliments for sure. The wooden panels for the gate seem to be a unique choice for sure. Landscape that surrounding the house is fulfilled with some plants and tree. It makes the home design more endearing and beautiful. There is also some wood panels which become a good exterior decoration of this house.

For the indoor design, you can see a simple modern design on it. Wooden flooring with a high ceiling in this design become a good choice that you can get. You can also see a white scheme that makes the design more spacious and awesome. Glass frames for the indoor design also make a sleek and sophisticated nuance of a modern design.

This house is encompasses of three stories which all of them have a modern design like what we have been talking before. However, you can see that the green and healthy environment on it will make a very good design for sure. Just like this outdoor bathroom design in which there is some plants that will make the bathroom fresher and endearing.

This contemporary house design would be a good example for those who want to create an exquisite home design. With accents of some wooden materials on it, this home design will be a very good choice for sure. Moreover, there is an endearing outdoor view that will ace the design more splendid. Therefore, it would be a gorgeous model for a contemporary home design.

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