Awesome Contemporary House Design with Natural Materials

A contemporary house design with natural materials on it must be a very interesting stuff that you can get. This Closse Residence that is located in south shore of Montreal could be a very good model for a spectacular home design. The awesome combination of various natural materials with a contemporary design on it seems to be the best thing ever.

As you can see the gable roof with a lot of wooden panels on it seems to be a very good choice for the façade. The stone wall and brick wall for the exterior are a nice combination of this home design. Installing some glass windows on it will make the nuance more interesting. With a block pavement on it, the house looks so exquisite.

You can see a very interesting interior design as this house have a lot of glass frame all around the house. The white scheme on the first floor will make the indoor design more spacious. With wooden flooring on it, the house looks more splendid and fascinating. It also make the space more comfortable for sure. There is also wooden stairs with metal banister that designed uniquely.

For the bathroom, you still can see a white scheme on it. The white tile flooring and backsplash on it are the one that make the bathroom’s scheme so clean and neat. Moreover, some appliances on it also have a white color. Moreover, there is also big glass windows that will allow you to get an outdoor view inside the bathroom yet still grant you a total privacy.

This house design must be a very good choice for those who love having a natural environment and materials for the building. You can also get a very interesting looking house from it. The gabble roof for a contemporary design seems to be a good choice for it.

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