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Looking back at 2008


Let’s see now. 2008 for me will be the year that I preferred not to really look back on. I had a lot of plans for the year gone by but something unusual happened – I made a mistake, actually come to think of it I made quite a few. None that I’m proud of either.

At the start of the year I had planned to get me a CAR, except at present as I write this I still rely on public transport aka the wonderful BUS to take me to work. Except that despite the fact that my workplace is not that far from my house – journeys to work take just over 1hr 30mins. Now for those who have the luxury of having cars in this godforsaken already rammed to the brim country of ours, I really admire the fact that I haven’t heard any reports of drivers going POSTAL whilst stuck in a jam. By the time I reach my office in the mornings I practically want to kill the first person who I see – who happens to be our lovely security guard. I can’t win – if I get a car I’ll still be stuck in a jam, if I take the train I’ll end up squashed against someone with the biggest set of melons ever, if I use a bike then motorists will want to run me over.

Last week I watched Top Gear: Vietnam Special where the team travelled to Vietnam (where else?!) and had to do a set of challenges on SCOOTERS. It got me thinking…Motorbikes…they don’t get stuck in traffic!

Wis Quas

Blah, blah, blah

It has been some time since I wrote and updated this blog. It’s been a rather troublesome and emotional past few months in my life. Things have now changed though and some strain has been taken off me. Suffice to say I am slowly returning from what has kept me closed off from friends and family during those months. Re-composing myself is currently set in motion.

Right now I am being fuelled by the fact that Christmas is looming, and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see five little girls who mean the world to me, I can’t wait to get away from work, I can’t wait for the New Year to be over and lastly I can’t wait for 2009 to start.

Hard Goodbyes

It’s been quite a while since I wrote here. Going through that emotional rollercoaster that some would call life has been a rather emotional one lately for me. I could talk about it but I am too heartbroken to do so, and the pain I feel now is just too much. So much so, that I just wrote and sent a letter of resignation to my two bosses.

I had been having on and off thoughts about leaving my workplace for the past few weeks now, and after today I can’t really handle working where I work any longer. I feel hurt like hell and I just can’t handle that. I have stated that I will be leaving in April 2009 but am now already thinking of Christmas 2008.

You know what the worst thing is? How do you say goodbye to an entire office/factory who you know all too well? How the hell does one keep their emotions in check saying goodbye to around 200 odd people?

An Lor Xen

Life’s a bitch – as the saying goes.

One moment you’ll be plain sailing, living every day to the fullest and the next moment things will be crashing down around you bringing you to despair. Things have been too good on my side – for far too long and it was only a matter of time I guess. Suffice to say I balls’d things up nicely.

Recently I’ve been so down that I pondered if there ever was a way back up. Most of what I did is purely my own fault and I admit I’m a fool to have gone the route I did but that’s life. You make mistakes and you should try and learn from them. I don’t think I have and despite me rambling on here as I am I think I’m about to enter even more pain then I’m already in.

I am writing this at present because I have a week off from work to ‘cool’ down as it were and get some R&R. My work began to suffer and a lot of people noticed my flash temper emerging and well I now have an opportunity to reflect on quite a few things as a result. The past two weeks have been rather taxing, both emotionally and mentally and all of that just took its toll on me – something I thought could never happen to be honest as I’ve always controlled myself too well. Guess I aren’t as good as I thought…so what am I on about?

Well have you ever fallen for someone at work? I guess a lot of you are answering yes here. Well have you ever fallen madly for someone *apparently married at work? That quietened a few of you down. OK, have you ever fallen for someone at work who is *apparently married and at the same time become close friends with them whilst you’re in a relationship with someone else? I hear silence…

*Could be divorced!

I cried a tear today…

Wherever you are my ‘blessed’ friend, I could use some of your advice right now.