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Bloomin Summertime :(

Clocks go back 1 Hour

1 Hour less sleep…what tart came up with this idea then eh? I already get 4 Hours of sleep time and now that’s going to be cut short! Ta! I suppose the lovely ladies roaming our town centres in short skirts and low cut tops are a positive factor in all this.

I mean, look! It’s already 22:31 and that’s my bedtime! 🙁 Bring the darkness back for the love of god! This is not typical British weather…

Did Winston Churchill Exist?

To most youngsters, the mere mention of the name ‘Churchill’, will have them thinking about that damn dog in the insurance adverts on UK TV. So imagine my surprise when I heard that UKTV Gold (a classics UK TV channel) had conducted a recent poll, whose results simply tell us that a large number of this country think that our WW2 leader Winston Churchill never existed. Never existed?! You’d not be speaking bloody English if he and all those who fought under him weren’t around! After 12 years of Labour rule, this country’s education has seriously shown how poor it has become.


The study, specially commissioned by UKTV Gold, tested the nation on its historical knowledge by asking 3,000 people a series of questions relating to famous factual and fictional characters.

State of my reviews

Right. As a lot of readers already know, I have been slack on producing Xbox 360 game reviews. It mainly attributes to the fact that I just haven’t the time any more as I have mentioned a few times before. Researching and then writing about games is a lot more time consuming than most think.

I have a partially finished Assassin’s Creed review, and was hugely looking forward to writing about Mass Effect, which in my opinion is now the best game on the 360. For weeks now, I’ve been trying to find the time to write but have always been side tracked, so bugger it.. I will however, continue writing various hardware reviews after the new year when I go crazy on spending! 🙂

My trip to the Post Office…

Possibly the dullest place in town

The Post Office should be a lovely friendly place. A place to drop off a letter to a distant relative, to send a birthday card to a friend, or perhaps to simply send a parcel. Most of the time you will end up being served by an old lady or gentleman who would most likely remind you of your grandparents.

Sadly due to huge cost cutting measures over the years most Post Offices have now insisted on becoming much more than what they originally were. They now sell Insurance, Credit Cards, Personal Loads, Travel Insurance and so much more that it’s enough to make you realise how hard times have hit them.

I had exactly 20 minutes during my lunchtime to send off two parcels – two Xbox 360 titles, which I had sold to some gamers. Whenever I visit this particular Post Office, there is always a queue a mile bloody long extending out into the street – all being served by two cashiers who look like they’ve been spoon-fed lead. Now this is what happens when your once superb Post Office service because a ‘Do it all’ service.

Postal Strikes

They be stealing meh mail!

So the Royal Mail postal workers are on strike once again over pay and job cuts. Who knows how long this will go on for, but there’s one obvious benefit to all of this. No Bills! That’s right, no sodding utility bills that appear just as I am about to go on a mad shopping spree!

However, it never works out that way does it?

After work last night, I had a client to visit who needed her PC looked at. This woman hadn’t somehow noticed that Internet Explorer had mysteriously grown another 10 toolbars and her web speed was equivalent to a 2400 baud modem powered desktop computer from 1989 however that is another story altogether.