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WordPress 3.0 Arrives

It has taken 218 people to contribute to the new release of WordPress 3.0 codename ‘Thelonious’ and it looks stunning, especially with it’s new Twenty Theme, which has a ton of feature, which you can find listed Here. I just have to update this blog now… I must admit to being somewhat SCARED!

Hello WordPress 2.8.5

Yes this blog has been ignored for far too long now in favour of Twitter but I don’t plan on leaving it in the dust just yet. I have some ideas for 2010 that could bring this place back to to life!

Today I took the time to do something I had been dreading for some time. Upgrading this blog from WordPress 2.6 to the latest 2.8.5 version was always going to be a major pain in the you know what. The upgrade went moderately well and only my sidebar took the most damage. At the moment I can’t get WP Quotes to read from the quotes engine properly and I have only just managed to get FlickrRSS working properly. Anyway, enough of that! Back to Forza Motorsports 3!

WordPress 2.7 RC1 Lands


In a word, I am hugely impressed! I loathed WordPress 2.6.x and all it’s incarnations. It was a pain to navigate, clunky and just felt so delicate that I was afraid to even tweak my heavily modded K2 theme. Normally every WordPress upgrade ends up breaking my theme and I spend weeks re-writing sections of it. After the RC1 installation, much to my surprise everything was perfect and I cannot see anything out of place anywhere.

The new Administration panels are a joy to use and uncluttered, yet compact. Discussions are much easier to see at a glance on the dashboard thanks to the new comment features – you can now directly reply to a users comments and your comment will be updated in realtime beneath it. The whole overhaul is a breath of fresh air compared to version 2.6, which I regard as the poorest release of WordPress I have seen. I now await the full release on December 10th. Have that date on your calendar folks!

Updates (rather long)

On a spanking Sunday morning at 08:55 I am currently listening to what could be the most relaxing track ever – Stir It Up, from Bob Marley & The Wailers Legend album. I had forgotten how sublime this album was.

Blood Test Woes

Recent life updates would most notably be visiting my doctor for the first time in 18 years to have my first ever Blood Test. I have a severe aversion to needles and even threatened my dentist at the age of 15 so suffice to say that I was shitting bricks. I am no stranger to knives or being stabbed but if you come at me with a needle, I’ll run a bloody mile whilst screaming like Carlton from Fresh Prince. The whole process went by really fast even though the doc was doing the procedure in my left arm, my right arm was clenched ready to let rip. My mother was there to keep an eye on me though! Sad yes, required? Hell yes.

WordPress 2.5 lands

It’s that time of the month again

WordPress 2.5 arrived rather quietly overnight last night so it’s time to look into upgrading this blog again. For those who aren’t clued up on how big a upgrade this is take a look-see at the Screencast and the screenshots of the new dashboard interface.

A list of 2.5 compatibile plugins can be found Here. So next weekend I shall attempt to upgrade this blog, with possibly disastrous results. I may need to move to the latest K2 build at the same time I predict. Hoorah!