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WordPress 2.3.1 and K2 RC3 up and runnin!

On a weekend where I was meant to be writing an Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect review for the 360, I’ve ended up doing other things instead. My horrible addiction to Mass Effect continues to make me lose focus of other things in life, and as a result I ended up playing it for 8 hours straight on Saturday night until 2am!

Today I was meant to finish at least one review but noooo, I ended up deciding to upgrade the blog. Now I initially avoided WordPress 2.3 because it had some major changes that I knew would break the blog, and it did. Infact, it almost completely destroyed it when I did a ‘test upgrade’ when 2.3 first arrived a month ago, as it buggered up all my tags and deleted all my categories. Obviously I had to take the plunge so I installed it today.

Naturally my tags went haywire, so that now involves me re-tagging every sodding post I’ve made. I have now just realised that my categories have also gone a bit nuts so I have to re-categorise every post. Aside from that, the latest K2 theme has knocked me sideways in terms of flexibility. I normally hand code my sidebars, but the one you see on the right has been done completely via K2’s drag and drop sidebar manager and is an exact replica (well almost) of my old one.

Bits of the blog will still be flaky and inactive as I start trawling through code I haven’t looked at in months. Now, back to work!

Noes! WordPress 2.3 owned meh blogs! :(

4+ hours of work and counting

I was expecting this. I took a day off today after literally getting pee’d on by the British weather as I walked ran to work yesterday morning. This morning I felt like hell as a result with a major headache since I was drenched silly from the mad downpour.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to find that WordPress 2.3 had been released. I was half dazed as I began to install this. I should know better than to install an upgrade to WordPress, without doing some research to see what problems others are having. In the past WordPress upgrades went ultra smoothly, however the team have recently begun adding features that most blogs rely on trusted plugins for. As a result those plugins get annoyed upon encountering an almost identical one and things go wrong.

I’m still not sure what has happened but my Extended Live Archives setup went totally wrong and threw a major wobbly, which resulted in me disabling the thing, then Ultimate Tag Warrior went a bit mental. The Archives page looks a bit poorly now as a result. Just when I thought I had everything under control I noticed that all my blog Categories had gone missing so now all my posts were filed under Misc! That is a colossal amount of posts that I have to now re-edit and re-assign categories to. Total time to correct all my posts = 5hrs.

For those fearing an upgrade, don’t. Most of the time WordPress upgrades are completely flawless. It depends entirely on how complex your blog is in regards to theme template, plugins and any hacks/tweaks you’ve done. I have made heaps of tweaks to various bits on the blog so I knew it wouldn’t be a smooth ride.

WordPress 2.2.2 Released

I wubs u wp!

This blog has been sitting on WordPress 2.1.3 for quite sometime now as the latest WP releases just wouldn’t work right with my modded K2 theme. However I have just upgraded from 2.1.3 to 2.2.2 with hardly any side effects, which is a tad odd but great at the same time.

So if anything does look out of place or broken, please give me a shout as I’ve yet to notice anything wrong. As a matter of fact the upgrade went surprisingly smoothly as it used to! Taken from

As these releases include only security and minor bugfixes they should not cause any plugin or theme compatibility issues, so you have no good excuse not to upgrade.

WordPress 2.2 Released

It’s that dreaded time again

I fear this. I fear upgrading WordPress to the latest version (2.2) and breaking my blog horribly. Everytime a new version is released, I have to make minor alterations to the code to get things working properly. However since version 2.1.1 I have made a ton of changes to the blog and now I can’t remember exactly what bits were changed! Right now I’m just backing up the blog and will most possibly install WP 2.2 right away. Hopefully things will go smoothly.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 Review

Just a quick mention that I have just added a review of my latest toy in the Reviews section. I replaced my old keyboard with a spiffy new one! Oh, and to those who have emailed asking as to why I am slow with 360 reviews, I am still working on three reviews at the moment. The fact that the weather is gorgeous over here in the UK, combined with my new position at work, and a nagging girlfriend gives me little free time to really write stuff. Take care!