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I Am Legend

"They mostly come out at night…mostly"

Coming from director Francis Lawrence we have the cinematic adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel and has been in development for years now. It was originally to be directed by Ridley Scott featuring Arnie, except by the time the final details were confirmed Arnie was a big shot governor in some U.S city…

I pretty much know what goes on this film but wanted to see it on the big screen. This was a Boxing Day release so I thought we could wait a week or so before watching it. There would be less chav’s in the cinema and we could actually watch in peace without bloody default Nokia or Sony Ericsson ringtones going off every 10 seconds. It wasn’t too packed so I could really take in the grim reality faced by our protagonist Dr. Robert Neville played superbly by Will Smith.

Knight Rider returns!


The huge Cult US show returns on February 17th 2008 with a two hour pilot, prior to the new series. Knight Rider was legendary back in the 80’s telling story of one man and his high-tech indestructible car. However the legend that is David Hasselhoff, 55 won’t be returning to the show at all. Instead we will be introduced to his son played by Justin Bruening, 28. So far ITV are the favourites to obtain the rights to the show here in the UK.

Now I’m hyped up about this for one reason. I LOVE SHELBY GT500’s – they’re my dream cars, and KITT just happens to be a GT500KR! However looking at the early shots, I’m not convinced it can work. The original KITT was a simple looking thing, with a jet black exterior and black wheels. The GT500KR confirms to this but those 20" chrome wheels look well out of place right now. I have seen shots of the GT500 with black wheels too so who knows what will be used.

Black Sheep

Get the flock outta here!

Just for relaxation, this weekend myself and Deena watched a film I’ve been longing to watch the moment I saw the first trailer.

Black Sheep is from Jonathan King and features mad, angry carnivorous sheep, which run amok on a remote New Zealand farm. Henry Oldfield has a rather silly phobia – he has a fear of sheep after being the victim of a rather horrible childhood prank by his older brother, Angus.

After spending a good number of years working and living in the city, Henry returns to the farm to see old friends and to sell off his remaining share of the place to his brother. At the same time we’re introduced to two environmentalists who are trespassing onto the property to expose Angus, because according to them he is performing genetic experiments on his livestock.

The Verve’s UK Tour

Yarr! Thursday Dec 13th at the O2 Arena myself and Deena are off to watch the legends that are Richard Ashcroft, Nick McCabe, Simon Jones and Pete Salisbury perform in front of thousands. The tickets for the whole tour were sold out quite a while ago but she bought us both some well before that as a birthday present.

This morning she happily told me about it, even though I’d already known about it because I sneaked a peek at the receipts in her handbag weeks ago 😮 So we’ll be in Block 101, to the left of the stage boogying away to one of the best bands of the 90’s alongside Oasis. I can’t flippin wait for this one! Ta luv!

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Eeep! "One Ugly Mother Hubbard"