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Cooking with Darren – The Rustler Burger

My good PS3 fanboy of a mate, NokkonWud likes to cook. Smug git. Infact his latest antics reminds of my habits early last year. I was a ‘cooking tart’, until I realised there is more to life then paying attention to presentation and detail!

So I’ve decided to do my own cooking feature! It is well known that I am a protein junky. I’m mad about getting quality protein into me, but sometimes…I just can’t be arsed. So, I shall pay homage to the RUSTLER CHICKEN BURGER! 😀


  • A Microwave oven
  • £1.00
  • 2 Slices of cheese (none of that dairylea fakeness, I used Edam!)

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Awwww, they’re so cute! Must order more!

Valentines Day…

It’s that time of the year again folks!

Time to give florists extra business. So break out those Tesco’s Valentines Cards, grab some flowers and show your loved one just how much they mean to you by printing out one of these gorgeously crafted cards.

So what have I gone and done? Well I’ve gone and bought a USB Moo Moo cow for Deena and I. "A what?" I hear you ask. Well it’s a bit hard to really describe properly. Check this YouTube vid to see how it works. 🙂

Moomoo is a USB-enabled cow that lives on your desk, and is somehow attached to software that lets it communicate with a second Moomoo cow. If you push a button on Moomoo, its companion (ideally located in close proximity to your special someone) will moo at them and start glowing.


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Hail to the king baby!

Trailer is out! – It’s official, he’s been weight training for 10yrs…