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The best £80 spent on my 360 yet

Assassins Creed and Mass Effect

Whilst I’ve been fighting off the Flu I’ve been barely physically well enough to play two of the console’s most recent and hugely hyped titles. Assassins Creed from Ubisoft, and Mass Effect from RPG giants Bioware. Assassin’s Creed is the result of years of hard work from the development team lead by the gorgeous Jade Raymond, and Mass Effect is a colossal Sci-Fi RPG set in the future. Both titles have been hugely hyped, and yours truly couldn’t wait for them.

Assassin’s Creed arrived with quite a mixed reception. A lot of early reviews gave it average ratings, much to everyones surprise citing it was too repetitive. When it arrived I was blown away. Gorgeous visuals and gameplay, with some slightly repetitive moments I do agree. Well they would be repetitive if gamers went about performing every mission in the same manner, I had no problem with this and took on every mission in a random manner. As a result I completely love the game. Killing people with such randomness has never been more fun!

Xbox 360 Messenger Kit Review

*£(*)%^!!!! er Medic!

Quick heads up! I’ve put up a rather rushed review of the new 360 Messenger Kit that I received this morning. A lot of people seem to be waiting for theirs right now so here’s the low down on what I think of it. Now where’s me band aid….

Bioshock, Pizza’s, and iTunes

Would you kindly bend over…

It’s been a hectic weekend! I wasted money, and then some. Oh, there’s a Bioshock review that has been added to the reviews section. Not the best I might add, but I had to let loose my opinions on such a heavily rated game, especially after seeing it’s rating on

After finishing work on Friday, I was in a spending mood. I had about £350 saved up to blow on either clothes, pc/console bits, a low end DSLR Camera or a new MP3 player. The past week saw the release of the next generation of MP3/Video devices from the likes of Creative, Apple, Cowon, Microsoft, Archos and a few other manufacturers. I was already looking for a replacement for my Vision:M despite it being regarded as the best MP3 player on the market. I’ve had the thing for ages now and would like something a bit thinner – an excuse I recently used for buying a new mobile phone, the Sony Ericsson w880i.

The Darkness review

Quick update! Just like to add that I’ve put up a much delayed review of The Darkness for the Xbox 360. Oh and thanks to Nokkon for recommending the game to me (he made me put this in!) 😛

Xbox 360 warranty extended to three years

Giiiit miiii rings!

I’m annoyed and ecstatic at the same time right now. Just yesterday, Microsoft caused shocks around the internet community by announcing, and I quote "Microsoft is extending the terms of its Xbox 360 warranty to three years for certain general hardware failures which are indicated by three flashing red lights on the console". Now this is tremendous news for Xbox 360 owners who have been plagued by hardware failures left, right and centre since purchasing their console. I am extremely happy to state that my launch day 360 is still running fine despite the fact that I treat it like dirt, and use it for 3hrs a day or so.

What angers me is that these hardware failures should never have happened in the first place. I hear users on the web stating that their Sega Megadrives or N64’s never broke, and that is true. It’s also a hugely unfair comparison as those machines never relied on kenetic parts, let alone a custom cooling solution. At the end of the day, the way I see it is that MS balls up massively when they designed the 360. For a long time I have realised that EVERY 360 is going to suffer at some point or another because of the poor cooling solution within the console. Was the 360 rushed back in December 2005? In my opinion yes, but for a good reason, and you can see that now with the console having a firm foothold in the console market, whilst Sony suffers.