Concept Designs by Mac Funamizu

As an IT nerd working amongst Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineers I have over the past couple of years become intrigued and fascinated by conceptual designs of large scale machinery, right down to the smaller desktop based futuristic designs.

I have been following Mac Funamizu’s work for quite a few years now and have always been in awe at his thought processes that results in his conceptual designs. Mac Funamizu is amongst the best, he is a web/graphic/industrial designer working in Tokyo, Japan. His blog petitinvention has a wealth of some of the most gorgeous designs I’ve seen.

These are some of my favourites.

This first design is a transparent futuristic desktop known as Zafiro. It resembles designs that wouldn’t be out of place in Sci-Fi movies such as The Island, or Minority Report. Transparent OLED panels are already out and about today, but not perfected just yet. Several transparent OLED designs were shown off at the CES show this January.

Zafiro concept

Aluminium Bevel

Data disk docking?

Deformable metal keyboard

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Bill Gates Joins Twitter…

Bill Gates Twitter

Some 8hrs after joining, Twitter is down...

About twelve hours ago, Microsoft founder Bill Gates joined Twitter. I am somewhat happy to say that I was amongst his first 1000 followers! 😀

An hour after following him I went over to check his profile and he had 23,000 followers, expanding to 55,000 just half an hour later! Word of Mr.Gates arrival spread like wildfire thanks to the twitter trends, and as I type this the following day having just woken up – Twitter has been down for a full hour! Has the worlds most popular and richest man brought Twitter to it’s knee’s just by joining?

I have a feeling Mr.Gates will amass the largest follower count we have yet to see on the service and it’s great to see him online. “Hello World” indeed.
Bring on the Faaaaaail Whaaaaaaaale!

Update from Twitter: We are experiencing an outage due to an extremely high number of whales.  Our on-call team is working on a fix.
(5:18a): We are recovering from this incident. A sudden failure coupled with problems in switching to a backup system produced a high number of errors for around 90 minutes. This made the site largely inaccessible. No data was lost or compromised during this outage.

English – SPEAK IT.

This is why I worry about the education of todays children growing up in good old England, run under a decaying government. At the risk of sounding somewhat ego-driven here given that I am a fussy bastard, I truly worry for this nations children when my 14-15 year old neice sends me the following email. After a single split second glance I returned the email stating pretty much what the above picture states. Continue to speak like a twat, and you’ll end up failing everything – including life.

dude can you send me the pictures where your pg teddies have holes in them
or what not!!!
the one you have at work!!
you they had gun shots in emm!!
an wahh nott!!

loll and ahhh ahahaha
omgg guess wahhh the bopizz fingiee has changeedd!
heheheh and my skwll is not that goodd!! but i am trying!!
for my science test i got 23 out of 50 – which is a d!!

sos but fankss!!! and ahhhh i carnt help itt!! loll
wen you coming down and don’t worry i wont let yyour dad near my fish tank!!
so thta aint and excuse!! lollll

An Entire Country Frozen

NASA Satallite Image

Day After Tomorrow Fans, eat your heart out! Source: NASA

Looking back at 2009

It has been a rather medicore year I have to admit…or has it?

2009 saw me pretty much ignore this blog in favour of Twitter. By now most of you have some idea as to what Twitter is, and I must say that I am addicted to the service being a heavy user. It has been another great year for Twitter growth. Everyone is talking about it, both positively and negatively – and whilst both topic’s are relevant, the negativity revolving the stereotypical usage of the service ignores one important trait – everyone uses the service in a different way.

Of course this is reinforced by the fact that the very premise of Twitter changed in 2009. The service used to ask you one simple question “What are you doing?”. In 2009 this changed to “What’s happening?”, as users began using the service for different end purposes. Twitter for me became a replacement from bloated (see MSN/WLM) Instant Messaging Clients. In addition I use it to find out what is happening around me – in my town of Harrow for instance, especially with the unreliable public transport.

Twitter banner

This blog was created as a way to air my thoughts, which worked fine for sometime. As life progressed onwards so did my ‘time’. It takes time to compose and lay out a blog post, whereas on Twitter you can just mindlessly type out your thoughts – just be prepared for feedback from others. Oh by the way, the iPhone was made for Twittering!