Remodeling a Single Story House Into Splendid Modern House Design

Remodeling a house must be a very interesting idea that you can get. Now, take a look at this one story house that located in Elgin, Texas. This house has been renovated for several times. However, you can see a simple design that looks so fascinating and splendid on it. With a greenery scheme on the outdoor, it would be an astounding choice for you.

You can see a white exterior that contains from various materials on it. The white plank wood, and natural brown plank wood on it would be a very interesting stuff that you can get on it. With small front porch on it, you can enjoy the green scenery scheme on it. The change of the front porch enclosure on it seems to be the perfect choice for it.

The open plan layout with a white modern scheme on it seems to be a very fascinating choice for it. The wooden flooring in this room will make the modern design more endearing. The glass frame, which installed from floor to ceiling, will make the design more sophisticated. The angular design that is identical to modern design well combined with some mid-century wooden furniture in the open layout.

Meanwhile, for the bathroom, you can see an endearing living space on it. With the tile flooring on it that looks so beautiful with random patterns of the tile will make this bathroom more unique. Moreover, the shower and bathtub, which are separated, will a make this bathroom more endearing.

This house design seems to be a splendid idea that you can try. Remodeling an old-fashion house into a modern house design is not an easy task. However, you can see that MF Architecture has done a really great job on this single story house. The endearing and comfortable interior design on it will make their design even more awesome.

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