Call of Duty 2


I wasn’t too pleased with my purchase at first. For a next generation console, I felt the graphics were extremely poor. It felt like a direct PC port – and to be fair I actually think it is. The textures on the buildings, soldiers and environments itself looked quite poor to me and hardly resembled anything that was next generation visuals. I expected more but just didn’t get it. I felt like I was playing a PC game on a low end NVidia 5200 Graphics card. At least the game manages a healthy smooth 60 frames a second though.

The audio however was something else. Incredible 5.1 surround sound that fills your room with the sounds of war. I wish I had a 5.1 setup to experience it, but even on my superb 2.1 Altec Lansing speakers it sounded amazing. Loud explosions, soldiers screaming and lots of ambient sound that really put you in the middle of a battlefield. On the D-Day mission as you climb the cliff face, you suddenly hear soldiers screaming above you as they fall to their death. As you make it to the top, you suddenly hear explosions from all sides with soldiers screaming orders at each other – its sheer chaos as you then hear bullets ricocheting all over the place and the body count rising every second. The audio side is this game really makes CoD 2 shine.


Initially during its launch, Call of Duty had extremely poor multiplayer capabilities for Xbox Live. So poor that it took Infinity Ward roughly five months just to bring out a patch, and even now at the time of writing, online play isn’t as good as it could have been.

Standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, Capture the flag, Search & Destroy modes and lastly Headquarters. Search and Destroy involves one team planting a bomb to destroy two objectives, while the other team defends. Headquarters was new to me and was hugely enjoyable. It consisted of two areas on the map, which are designated as capture points either team. To score points you have to control and setup a headquarters in one of the areas. One that’s done, your team will begin accumulating points, while the other team must attempt to overrun that area to stop the points from building up. It all gets very heated and frantic fast. Sadly online multiplayer is limited to eight players over Xbox Live.

On the local side of things, CoD 2 has four player split screen multiplayer so yourself and 3 other friends can play on a single screen. One would think that this would drop the frame rates by a large margin, but the 360 hardware manages it without any drop in framerate. Sadly split screen is a bit antiquated nowadays, and the in game maps are just too large for four players. It just doesn’t feel right at all.


I was a bit underwhelmed upon purchasing this title. Given that this was a 360 launch title, a time when developers are meant to show off a console’s hardware, I was left disappointed by bland graphics which hardly made me confident about my purchase. However that was quickly shoved aside by the incredible audio that CoD 2 throws out.

The sound of gunfire, mortar explosions, Nazi’s screaming out, your team leader barking out orders all blends together to create a very enjoyable immersive game. Veteran mode is where the rewards lie, but that in itself isn’t a test of skill, be warned. Its all about timing, patience, luck and temper control. Call of Duty 2 should be available on the 360 Budget range now alongside the rest of the 360 Launch titles, so it’s definitely worth a look – especially to experience Veteran mode in all it’s glory because it’s less bugged then CoD 3’s slightly harder mode.

Rating: 8.2/10


  • Top audio with explosions, and ambience that bring war into your living room.
  • Veteran mode is tough, challenging and requiring patience of a saint
  • Good use of speech
  • Brilliant use of level design
  • Lots of memorable missions to partake in


  • Hardened/Veteran difficulties seem to respawn infinite enemy soldiers in places
  • Graphics are quite poor, with poorly detailed textures in places
  • Can’t pick up thrown grenades
  • Multiplayer wasn’t all that, and needed a major overhaul after the game’s release
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