Condemned: Criminal Origins

Enjoy the dark do you?…

ESRB Rating:  Mature, Blood and Gore, Intense Violence and Strong Language
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Publisher: SEGA

Video: HDTV 480p / 720p / 1080i
5.1 Dolby Digital

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Release Date:
22nd November 2005

The Xbox 360 didn’t have the best of launch titles, but boy did it have a good few original ones which were superb and glitch free. Condemned was a surprise – a big one. This game had me glued to the console for longer periods of time then Project Gotham Racing 3 did! So it’s no surprise to see that I’ve now re-purchased this superb game for just £12.

Let me just quickly state that looking at the screenshots, the game looks like just another boring FPS clone. Well it isn’t, it’s not strictly FPS at all, although it does have firearms, but a small limited selection of them.

The Story

In Condemned you play an FBI agent by the name of Ethan Thomas. Ethan is assigned to the serial crimes division at his precinct because of his astonishing record of having a higher rate solving cases then anyone else. The game starts off with Ethan being called to a crime scene by a colleague; you follow him into a building, through dark corridors up to the crime scene itself. A young lady has been murdered by a serial killer known as The Matchmaker, who has left a couple of clues at the scene. As you begin to investigate the scene, you get introduced to a few little accessories that Ethan uses to help him piece together clues at a crime scene. Suddenly your colleague hears some noises from the floor above and everyone quickly rushes off to investigate as this could be the killer. It is the killer, and Ethan, along with his colleague and a fellow officer who was guarding the crime scene quickly split up to speed up the efforts in finding him before he escapes.

A few moments later you end up face to face, alone with the killer who now has your gun pointed at you…at this moment your two colleagues burst in and are shot by the serial killer. You’re framed for a murder you didn’t commit, and from now on Ethan has to focus on clearing his name and work out who this serial killer is. You’ll also learn why Ethan is so good at solving cases and why people are suddenly going insane all around the city.

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