Dead Rising

Hmm, Katana or Steel pipe?

ESRB Rating:  (Mature) Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol
Genre: Third Person Action
Publisher: Capcom Entertainment Inc
Capcom Co Ltd
HDTV 480p / 720p / 1080i
5.1 Dolby Digital

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Release Date: 8th August 2006


Dead Rising takes place in the small town of Willamette, Colorado. Population 53,594. A peaceful, quiet town until it suddenly becomes the centrepiece of a shut down operation by the National Guard. They’ve sealed off the town so nobody can get out, and all outgoing transmissions are put on a tight lock down. But why?

Enter Frank West, a freelance journalist who wants answers. He has a ‘no holds barred’ attitude to his work, and as a result he has fought his way out of many horrible situations in the past. However, he is about to capture his biggest story ever.

Armed with his trusty camera, Frank hires out a helicopter to fly him over the town so he can capture some exclusive shots of the town before the National Guard can stop his efforts. He has also received a call from someone within Willamette mall, so his plan is clear. Capture some photos, and meet this person on the rooftop of the mall. As Frank and the helicopter swoop over the town, something is immediately clear. Something has invaded this town, something undead…

The Story

As soon as Frank gets dropped off on the roof, he meets a reserved strange character named Carlito. Apparently this mysterious Carlito is your contact, but he hardly gives you any information. After having a very brief conversation, you descend into the mall itself to investigate. You find dozens of people holed up, and the mall itself mostly empty. These survivors are making up makeshift barricades to keep what looks like zombies out of the mall, but the zombie numbers are growing. There’s hundreds trying to break through the barricades.

After a series of unfortunate and funny events, the zombies break through the barricades and all hell breaks loose. Your hired helicopter returns to pick you up in 72hrs, so you have no choice but to survive until that time, while trying to figure out what has happened here, so you can capture the story of a lifetime.


Capcom have laid out the controls fairy well for your standard movement. Aiming however is a bit different and is bound to annoy some gamers. The left and right triggers act as ‘aim’ modes. The left trigger is used to aim your camera, and the right is used to aim your firearms/weapons. For the beginner this will no doubt cause some frustration at first. It took me an hour or so to adapt.

Basically when things get hectic, and they do – you’ll end up pulling up your camera instead of firing your weapon. Aside from that one gripe everything else works well and becomes second nature after an hour or so.

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