Full Auto

Explosive CARnage!

ESRB Rating:  (Teen)  Violence
Genre: Racing

Publisher: Sega
Pseudo Interactive

Video: HDTV 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i
5.1 Dolby Digital
Players: 1-2 Offline, 2-8 Online

Official Full Auto Website
Full Auto at Xbox.com

Release Date: 14th February 2006

Full Auto arrived when the 360 games catalogue was suffering from a small lack of big titles a few months after it was released. Sega’s timing couldn’t be better with Full Auto’s release. The game wasn’t too hyped up but mindless racing, coupled with hugely destructive environments and an array of car mounted weaponry at your disposal meant that things couldn’t possibly go wrong?

A Full Auto Demo arrived a month before the game went retail, and the demo didn’t do the retail game any justice. It had poor frame rates on some 360’s and it just didn’t create a good enough impression to gain player’s interest. However some players including yours truly warmed to the demo, so seeing it going for the second hand price of £28 in the shops was something I couldn’t pass up.


Career mode is where you’ll be spending most of your time as you’ve got a variety of objectives to complete. Obviously racing is the name of the game here, but you also have the opportunity here to blow up cars, and the surrounding environment to hinder their progress to the finish line.

You’ve got Head to Head mode, in which you can challenge friends to various races, in split screen mode. The ability to play over Xbox Live is where the fun lies though, with the option to take part in Player matches, as well as Ranked matches to gain those important rank achievements. There’s an Arcade mode available for you to practice single player races on as well as the main Career mode. The aim in Career mode is to basically obtain gold medals to unlock various goodies, such as car/truck skins.

Achievements come thick and fast in this title. After 30mins of play I’d racked up well over 8. This doesn’t mean the game is easy by any means. Some career racing modes can be quite hard – to this date I’ve still got just two races that I cannot obtain a gold medal on. The weapons that can be mounted to your vehicles aren’t anything new, but boy do they fit in perfectly.  You’ve got forward mounted Shotguns, Machine Guns, Rockets, and a ballistic Tank Cannon. Rear mounted weapons include Mines, a very useful Smoke screen, a Shotgun and a Grenade launcher.

You can modify your weapons damage by strengthening one weapon, but in turn making the other weaker. I preferred to have Level 3 machine guns, and Level 1 Mines. Weapons can only go up to Level 3 in intensity and boy to they chew up armour. Any Level 3 weapon is lethal, and the shotgun is the most dangerous of all but also most annoying to use as you have to be very close to your opponent who could have a rear mounted grenade launcher. Full Auto’s selling point is its Unwreck feature. Blowing up cars and scenery slowly fills up your unwreck meter, and once maxxed out enables you to reverse time allowing you to correct mistakes you’d previously made, or to grab a second or even third chance at blowing up an opponent. Unwreck is not available online for obvious reasons, it would be impossible to implement properly.

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