Gears of War

“They do not understand why we can’t stop, why we won’t stop, until we win, or die…”

ESRB Rating: Mature, Blood and Gore, Intense Violence
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Epic Games Inc
HDTV 480p / 720p / 1080i
5.1 Dolby Digital
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Europe Release Date: November 17, 2006

The Pendulum Wars

Sera, was once a very Earth like civilisation. On Sera, humanity had a level of technology very similar to that which we have on Earth. The main difference here is that the Serans haven’t put as much effort into space exploration. The single major feat that they have managed to accomplish is a satellite network that is used for orbital laser platforms. No one thought they would ever be used.

That was until oil exploration drillers stumbled across a glowing, low viscosity fluid in the depths of the earth. This was later named as Imulsion by military scientists. Dr. Helen Cooper worked with this compound and invented the Light-mass process, which converts a portion of Imulsion mass directly into energy. This was the perfect solution for an energy hungry world. Quite a few nations found themselves lucky to have Imulsion reserves underground and became owners of cheap limitless fuel. Other less fortunate nations became somewhat envious…

Hydrocarbon energy was rapidly replaced in favour of the new found Imulsion, and soon after this the world economy crashed due to mass speculation and as is human nature – we responded in the one way that would be our undoing. Imulsion poor nations attacked the richer nations and for seventy-nine years, these nations battled for possession of this incredible energy source. Little did they know that beneath the surface of Sera a force more powerful then anything the Serans had imagined lay observing the chaos above.

Sera, has a very porous underground known as the Hollow. This is the place the Locusts call home. Little is known about them. They were named ‘Locusts’ after the insect which equally leaves devastation in it’s wake. There are tales that seem to suggest that the locust were native to Sera, long before humans had arrived, equally there are tales that mention they had arrived many thousands of years ago from another planet, and lay underground (War of the Worlds style) waiting to strike when the Serans were most vulnerable.

We know that due to the locusts being underground for so long that they do have an aversion to light, which is one advantage the Serans have. All attempts at negotiating have failed, and instead answered with sheer force and violence.

Emergence Day

The humans of Sera have been fighting a decades-long war over the miracle energy source known as Imulsion when a new enemy appears: The Locust Horde. Erupting from underground warrens, the Horde attacks humanity, and overnight more than a quarter of the planet’s population is massacred. Rather than allow the Horde to keep the spoils of their aggression, humans used chemical weapons and orbital particle beams to neutralize them, along with the cities and bases they controlled. Millions of Locusts as well as humans perished in the attack. Many of the human survivors banded together to fight the Locust Horde as soldiers of Coalition of Organized Governments (COG).

What remains of the human military flees to Jacinto Plateau, a geological region of solid granite the locusts could not penetrate. It is here that the COG made a stand against overwhelming forces.

When the horde breached the plateau’s defences, Marcus Fenix defied orders, and went to save his father at the East Barricade Academy, but he was too late. Marcus was then charged with dereliction of duty and sentenced to 40 yrs imprisonment at the Jacinto Maximum Security Penitentiary.

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