Kameo: Elements Of Power

Pummel Weed FTW!

ESRB Rating:  (Teen) Animated Blood, Violence
Genre: Action
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
HDTV 480p / 720p / 1080i
5.1 Dolby Digital

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Release Date: 22nd November 2005


Kameo: Elements of Power was a title that wasn’t originally planned for the Xbox 360 at all. It was planned for the Nintendo GameCube, but after Microsoft purchased Rare, it’s future was delayed hugely on many occasions until it was announced for the 360.

Upon starting the game you’ll get a quick explanation of what’s going on. Your sister was jealous of you being bestowed with the powers of transformation that were originally meant for her and has released an evil troll from the past by the name of ‘Thorn’, the Troll king in her anger. They joined forces and have kidnapped your family as a result. Your job is obviously to thwart their plans and rescue your relatives. That’s about all you hear and after this cinematic you’re dropped of at a level called ‘Thorn’s Castle’. Your goal in this level is to reach the exit alive and rescue your relatives held there. While you’re doing that you get hindered by a large variety of obstacles like enemies or blocked paths for example. To get past these obstacles you have the ability to morph into several elemental warriors. In the first level you only have three within you: An ice spike firing yeti, a plant with boxing gloves and a round hedgehog without needles. To give you an idea of a special ability, with Pummel Weed – the boxing plant – you can move under the ground to pass under a fence which is only slightly opened. In total there are 10 different elemental warriors which you’ll gather during the game.


Kameo begins with a cinematic intro that explains how Kameo was given the power of transformation by her mother, Queen Theena. Kameo could transform herself into elemental warriors. These warriors could control the elements based on their alignment with fire, cold, water, or earth. However, Kameo had no idea that her evil sister Kalus was jealous of what Kameo had been given. Throughout childhood Kameo was the one who always received gifts and so forth, while Kalus was ignored. In her rage Kalus set loose Thorn – King of the Trolls, who re-ignited the old war between the elves and the trolls. Thorn kidnaps your family and it is then that Kameo continues from Thorn’s castle where she plans to rescue her family.

As the prologue begins you’re thrusted straight into battle. Using one of your elemental warriors called Chilla; you must take control of it and climb to the top of the castle while avoiding huge icicles being thrown at you by trolls on a tower nearby. Once you reach the top, you’re then confronted by a couple of trolls who give you your first taste of combat with either Chilla, Major Ruin, Pummel Weed or Kameo herself who you can easily transform into at will. You’ll need to make use of each warriors skills if you’re to progress through this action packed level as you’ll encounter many obstructions or puzzles that can only be traversed with a certain warrior.

After navigating through Thorn’s castle you’ll eventually defeat the end of level boss and then the game switches to a cutscene. Kameo has an unexpected encounter with Thorn himself and is given such a powerful slap that it blows the elementals clean from Kameo herself and she loses control of her warriors completely. The scene is set after Kameo awakes; she must rescue her family and regain her lost elemental powers.

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