WWE Smackdown Vs RAW 2007

"Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass"

ESRB Rating:  (Teen) Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence
Genre: Fighting

Publisher: THQ
Yukes Co Ltd

Video: HDTV 480p / 720p / 1080i
5.1 Dolby Digital
Players: 1-4 Offline, 2-4 Online

Official WWE Smackdown Website
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 at Xbox.com

Release Date: 14th November 2006


One of the reasons why I made the decision to move towards console gaming was because of the non existent wrestling titles on the PC platform. The last pc wrestling title I had played was WCW Nitro by THQ. WCW Nitro was a great game but plain in comparison to the well known Smackdown series.

I’ve been a WWF/ WWE fan since I was 13. I grew up watching British wrestling, and as it became less popular, I switched to American wrestling which was more glamorous, faster paced and more violent in some cases. To see giants like Hulk Hogan and The Macho King fight it out in the ring was an awesome sight to behold for me and my father.

Over the years though, my interest in WWF now known as WWE (they lost the title rights to a damn panda) waned. It had become less of an entertainment sport, and more of an overdone stale soap opera, which had become so easily predictable. I could predict the outcome of every match leading up to various main events and I just became sick of it. There was no enjoyment factor anymore.

Smackdown is an old franchise that begun it’s life on the Playstation, and then its sequels came out on the Playstation 2. I was hugely surprised, yet overjoyed to hear that the game was now coming out for the Xbox 360. Coupled with the power of Xbox Live and the 360’s superb hardware capabilities this game could not go wrong. Or could it?


The Smackdown demo which is still available on the Xbox Marketplace is what prompted me to go ahead and purchase this game. Since I’m new to the Smackdown series, I struggled badly with the demo but knew I just had to remain patient and my rewards will come thick and fast, and boy did they! I eventually mastered a good amount of moves, and soon was enjoying the rather limited demo to bits.

Smackdown vs Raw 2007 is packed to the brim with features. I gasped when I saw how many gaming modes there were. The Exhibition menu alone consists of:

  • Single Match
  • Tag Team (Tag Team, 6-Man Tag, or Elimination Tag)
  • Triple Threat Match
  • Fatal 4-Way Match
  • Handicap (1 on 1, 1 on 2, 1 on 3, 1 on Trio, or Tag on Trio)
  • Royal Rumble (30, 25, 20, 15, 10 man)
  • Main Events (feat 16 main events)

You’ve also got the traditional Game modes, which consist of a Season Mode and a General Manager mode. There’s various create your own modes too.

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