Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit Review

Never run out of juice again

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Xbox 360
Official Website at
Release Date:
May 20th 2006
RRP: £18.99
Box Contents: 1x Microsoft Rechargeable battery pack, 1x AC Mains Lead, 1x Charging Dock and an instruction booklet


If you are an Xbox 360 Premium owner then you have already no doubt discovered how enjoyable and superbly designed those wireless controllers are. It is hard to go back to wired controllers after using those babies. However, the wireless controllers obviously need a power source and they come from either 2xAA batteries, or a Microsoft Rechargeable Battery pack. The former is a good solution if you have rechargeable AA batteries like I do, but if those batteries are in limited supply like I had experienced then you face the task of either buying more batteries or buying a couple of Microsoft rechargeable battery packs.

Until the Quick Charge Kit arrived, the only way to recharge these Microsoft battery packs was via the Play ‘N’ Charge Kit, which comes complete with one battery and a charging cable. Plugging this cable into the Xbox 360 allowed the battery to trickle charge, while the controller could still be used for gaming. However as most heavy 360 gamers found out, this got quite tedious on games that utilised rumble heavily, and having the controller plugged into the console for a constant recharge was a common occurrence.

Microsoft then came up with the Quick Charge Kit. This wonderful device is basically a charging dock for a pair of rechargeable battery packs. Just the tool for hassle free gaming with a couple of wireless controllers. No longer must I be concerned about finding spare AA rechargeables, as I can just pick off a fresh battery from the dock and replace it with the drained one on my controller, which begins charging away.

Product Overview

  • The fastest way to recharge one or more rechargeable battery packs.
  • A cleaner charging solution—no wires to plug into your console.
  • Always ready and easily accessible—no need to stow it after each use.
  • Charge one battery pack in less than two hours, or two packs in less than four hours.
  • Battery offers up to 25 hours of play per charge.
  • Includes charging stand for two batteries, one Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack, and a power cord

Getting started with this charger couldn’t be simpler. Simply plug the power cord into the charger and connect the cord to the nearest power point and you’re done. One or two rechargeable battery packs can be clipped onto the unit for immediate charging.

There is an indicator light for each battery pack, and these will illuminate red while the battery is charging and green when charging is complete. Due to the dock charging via mains rather than USB ala the Play ‘N’ Charge Kit, charge times are quite fast. Under 2 hours for a single battery pack, and approximately 4 hours for two. At any time, you are free to pull off a pack and begin using it provided it has even a partial charge. You can see the charge level of the battery by looking at the 360’s Dashboard, which has a battery level visual indicator.

I should point out that these battery packs are NiMH cells, so they do have a limited lifespan and their life will vary. Suffice to say that they last well over a year or two before depleting completely. To prolong the life of them further, always allow them to deplete fully before you begin recharging them.

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