Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Review

Communicate wirelessly!

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Xbox 360
Official Website at
Release Date:
23rd November 2005
RRP: £34.99

Having being woken up at 6am on my first free weekend away from work, by a Royal Mail man banging at my door is not a fun experience. However he was carrying my 360 Wireless headset so I had to haul myself out of bed just to collect the thing. Amazon were, or are still selling this unit for a measly £25.


The Xbox 360 shipped in December 2005 with a rather poor wired headset that attached to the wireless controller. I’ve always ranted on about this thing because, not only is the sound quality poor – it’s dreadful. I’ve got some friends over Xbox Live who prefer to send me voice messages instead of text, but I have yet to decipher a single voice message sent to me! The only words I can usually make out are ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’

I know for a fact that the quality on this wireless headset is much better then the standard unit anyway. So lets take a looksee.

Headset Features

  • Ergonomic design that fits comfortably on either ear, with two sizes of removable ear grips for a perfectly snug fit.
  • The headset utilizes the same 2.4 GHz radio technology employed by the award-winning Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for clear communications within a range of up to 30 feet.
  • Communicate with superior audio quality over Xbox Live.
  • Up to eight hours of battery life per charge, with an AC wall adapter for quick, convenient recharging.
  • Outfit your team mates (or rivals) with up to four Wireless Controllers and Wireless Headsets simultaneously per Xbox 360 console.
  • Supports Voice Command for select games.
  • Conveniently located Power On/Off, Volume, and Mute Controls are right where you need them.
  • Low power warnings
  • Integrates with your 360 Dashboard, which has a visible battery gauge.

Product Overview

I have a serious problem with the way Microsoft and other companies choose to package their products lately. Blister packaging has to be the most irritating thing known to us gamers and techies alike. So it pays to be properly equipped with the right tools for ripping open this packet and not injuring yourself like I’ve done countless times.

Garden shears weren’t available so I had to take some drastic action.

Right, that’s out of the way. As you can see right away, Microsoft have seen fit to give us yet another bulky AC Adaptor to charge the unit, which takes up to 4hrs. Also included is an additional smaller earloop, the unit already comes with a large one, and a manual.

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