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iPhone 3GS Cut & Paste TV Advert Rant

Something has been peeving me off lately – and it’s those annoyingly deceptive Apple iPhone 3GS adverts that are currently being sprawled across our UK TV screens. Now upon first viewing it doesn’t seem too bad, until you actually begin to think about it.

This is the new iPhone, and it lets you do some pretty incredible things… You can copy a phone number, and paste it in a text. You can copy an article, and paste it in an email…

Fark me Apple, welcome to the year 2000. My Nokia 6600 could do that, and that was one of the first generation of smartphones. Practically any one of today’s ‘dumb’ phones manage that task. What truly irritates me is that Apple is using Cut & Paste as a selling point. Even worse is the fact that this very feature is rather finicky and intrusive and yet it is marketed to the user as a technology breakthrough. Kind of sad given that Clippy – a third party application available to Jailbroken phones could do the same thing quite a while ago.

The advert ends on an even sillier note:

Copy & Paste on the iPhone 3GS, the most powerful iPhone yet.

Of course it’s the most powerful iPhone yet – it’s just happens to be the latest version, and there have only been TWO before that! I just think the ad is truly deceiving. The next iPhone, due in June 2010 will most likely market a 5mp camera as revolutionary, when the rest of the market are on 12mp variants. For those who have yet to see the advert, it is available on YouTube.

Twitter killed the Blog?


Ok, admit it. How many of you lot have begun ignoring your blogs in favour of Twitter? Since returning to the fast growing service in February 2009 I am pretty much guilty of this as I have indeed ignored this blog, something I never thought I would do.

I suppose it is a multitude of things though. Yes Twitter is to blame, but aside from that I have been focusing on my working life pretty much 100% since the year began. I had enough distractions towards the end of 2008 and wanted to start the year fresh – and have done. So, work goes incredibly well. Too well infact and I am almost struggling to cope with some of the things now bestowed onto me.

I think Mr.Wud stated what I’ve had on my mind for a while now. I have noticed that a lot of bloggers since moving to Twitter have just let their blogs slowly gather dust, as it were. Blogging takes some thought, time and planning in some cases before one publishes a post. Twittering is limited to 140 characters a ‘tweet’ (message) so you can jibber-jabber about anything without a care in the world.

Does that mean my blog is pretty much stagnant i.e dead? Well no. I’ve put a lot of work into it, but time is precious, and after coming home from a long day at work I pretty much crash out on the bed/sofa. Twittering on the move is simple and quick, blogging isn’t so and that is my problem right there. I will continue to add reviews, and thoughts that cannot be twittered though but I predict things will be rather quiet for the most part.

Anyway, I’m pretty much looking forward to this summer. I had plans to visit Australia, NSW this April-May as I understand the weather isn’t hot at this time of the year. Heat=baad, Cold/Rain = Good. However as usual, those plans have gone tits up thanks to my parents who don’t want to go.

This summer see’s the arrival of the third iteration of Apple’s iPhone (the plodphone). I am excited as hell, even more-so with the new OS 3.0 that will be launched alongside it. My current Jailbroken iPhone is such a strong part of my everyday life that it’s hard as hell to live without it. I just can’t wait for the next version.

Windows 7 Release Candidate (Build 7100) was leaked onto the interwebs just a week ago and my, it is good enough to ship retail in it’s current state. I’ve presently got it sitting on my Samsung NC10 netbook and it quite literally flies in comparison to XP SP3, that was on there. I await soundcard drivers for my Auzentech Meridian er soundcard so I can install the RC release on my main desktop rig though. Oh, and we can now uninstall that heap of gobshite known as Internets Explorer!! How cool is that?

I had written a ‘short’ story over the past few months based on the Fallout universe and my adventures since discovering the game late during December 2008. However it has ballooned to such a size that I’ve no idea how to get it onto the blog! It was about my adventures in the game basically with a nice bit of fiction about my lone quest to get to Rivet City, and then to find ‘Dad’. Most people who know me know that I can pretty much sprout A4 paragraphs in minutes, so trust me – it is large!

Hmm, I gotta get out more!

APC UPB10 Mobile Battery Pack Review

1.21 Gigawatts!

We all know what a clumsy oaf our iPhone 3G’s are when it comes to battery life. It is common and quite upsetting to see that battery meter on the top right of our screens rapidly deplete as we merely browse the web or just use GPS with google maps just for a few minutes. It is something we sadly have to live with for the most part.

After ending up lost in the middle of Gloucestershire with a couple of colleagues because my 3G ran out of juice, one thing was pretty much clear. Those battery packs that I have seen people rabbiting on about, that extend the runtime of the 3G could actually be rather useful. I’ve had mobile phones in the past that could go on for days until they expended all their juice but the iPhone 3G is slightly different – I pretty much depend on it for almost everything I do. No mobile gadget has ever had such an impact on me…

With all that babble out of the way, my first review of 2009 arrives. It’s very short, with hardly any detail – I give you the APC UPB10!

iPhone 3G Jailbreak

The iPhone Dev Team had done it yet again! Cracking through and unlocking the iPhone 3G with what they are hilariously dubbing yellowsn0w.

In short, you can unlock your iPhone 3G for use with almost any SIM providing you have the latest 2.2 Firmware and that your baseband is 2.28.00. Yellowsn0w is available on the Cydia app, meaning that your iPhone 3G has to already be jailbroken. I’ve gotta say thank you to these chaps. You’re incredibly talented developers and coders and the third party community is phenomenal. The sheer amount of quality applications and customisation tools really do make Apple’s useless Appstore look tame.

My iPhone 3G Arrives

So after much hassle with Carphone Warehouse whom I have a contract with, I finally got my hands on an Apple iPhone 3G. Its an 8GB  model rather than the 16GB version though. I can live with that! I’ll continue to use my 16GB iPod Touch alongside the phone as I’ll be primarily using the phone for camera/gps/app use mostly. The iPod Touch will eventually be jailbroken giving me access to superb apps that Apple deem unsuitable for their store. Irony mentions below…

I could write a review but I just can’t be bothered echoing the numerous positive reviews that exist out there already. AnandTech and TrustedReviews have the best reviews I have read if you’re after a lengthy read. Apparently PR will also be doing one at the end of the year when the next version of the iPhone arrives.