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Big Brother 2007 has landed

3 months of catfighting, backstabbing, and gurls!

Big Brother 2007 started a few days ago, and once again succeeded in surprising the nation as 11 females went in and not a single male. No problem there except if this lot represent modern UK society, we as nation are bloody screwed in more ways then one. First off into the house were two 18yr old twins Sam & Amanda, who cannot stop giggling, screaming, holding each other and a variety of other annoying things, which seemed to result in a lot of people reaching for the mute button on their remotes. These two look look like they’ll easily crack – give it a week tops.

There’s Charley, some ugly thing that is so over herself that she’s the hot favourite to be voted out first. She’s from East London, and the type of girl who hangs out at celeb joints hoping to pick up a rich footballer. She ‘does not work’ and wants lot of cash, and think’s she’s beautiful. I want to run her over with the nearest bus already. The others housemates are far from normal either. There’s Carole, a 53yr old Health Worker who I really like. She’s feisty and has attitude. I reckon Carole could be the person to keep everyone in check in that demented household. Then there’s Tracey, I’m not sure what that’s all about but I am already warming to her despite the fact that she looks like Freddy Kreuger. She has made me laugh quite a bit though!

Oh, I forgot to mention the lovely Chanelle, I liked her for 10seconds until she mentioned that her idol is Victoria Beckham who she aspires to. Why do girls of this generation aspire to a bloody plastic, frowning stick insect? Come off it, she can’t sing, her family is loaded and she’s shacked up with a footballer! She’s couldn’t even sing when she was in the spice girls, and girls actually think she’s cool? Noes!!

Celebrity Big Brother

To the world: We aren’t all like this

Now for a hot topic that has been making news headlines around the globe. Celebrity Big Brother here in the UK has kicked up a storm over apparent racist allegations against Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty by three of her female housemates.

Now I’m sure most of you have seen TV footage by now of what has transpired in the house. For those who haven’t seen it, check YouTube for footage, if any. Basically Jade Goody (head honcho), Danielle Lloyd and Jo O’Meara have bullied Shilpa about various issues that some people are claiming is racist towards Indians. Now, I’m a British born Asian myself, so I just want to state my opinions on this. I don’t see it as racism, but almost borderline racism. It could have been much worse, but I think Channel 4 have warned the bullies not to venture out that far.

I was born in 1975; in London and have NEVER EVER had racist abuse or encounters thrown at me, ever. Not all residents of this country are like Jade and Co. Jade herself is a human of rather low IQ, speaks without thinking and is so utterly dumb that it makes me laugh out loud. She is what’s known by us UK’ers as a ‘Chav‘.

Big Brother 7 Arrives!

Big BrotherHehehehehehe, I have never laughed so hard in ages. Uk Big Brother began last night, and this year’s housemates are the most varied over the top lot yet. I rarely pay attention to this show, and ignored last years because it was full of pathetic imbeciles. Apparently the house mates are a reflection of people in modern society – if this is true this country is truly screwed.

3 Fit females, 3 rather disturbing females, 1 seriously deranged gay male, 1 rich arrogant git from London, a nutter who can’t stay still for a split second, and a few more oddballs. I tell ya, with BB7 and the World Cup looming, it’s going to be a cracking summer! Just need to goto France to get more booze in a weeks time and I’m sorted 🙂