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Birthday blues

Follow the yellow brick road….

I celebrated the weekend with some close friends as it was my birthday. I’m 31! How odd is that?! It feels good, but somewhat strange at the same time, so I’m not sure what to make of it. In my 20’s I actually dreaded hitting my 30’s. So here is the bit I never thought I’d actually say – being 30 actually rocks! I’ve observed one thing amongst most of my friends, and that is during our 20’s we felt we were under a lot of pressure, what with university and getting a career being the main highlights. With those two things in my way I felt my path onwards and upwards was obstructed

Arr! Birfday Congrats To Kami/Phil!

One of me oldest online mates, owner of Halfmad.com (which he perma broke btw), bigtime RPG’er, and bald scottish chap is 31yrs old today! Thats THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD (just incase he’s struggling to read this, old age see). Anyway, hope ya have a lovely birfday and get utterly and completely razzled! Just for those readers who don’t know who this Kami/Phil tart is, here’s his Myspace page! – Don’t blame me if your browser crashes, myspace.com tends to do that quite a lot.