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A single photo to describe the recent UK storms…

Birthdays and Paintballing malarky!

Time to brush up on my camping skillz

Update: Well the weather has put a dampener on things. Due to the unpredictable rain storms the UK has been having for the past 2 weeks, this trip will be cancelled until further notice. Buggered if I’m going paint balling in the mud should it begin lashing it down with rain.

I spent this weekend mostly with a raging hangover as I spent Saturday at my mates RC and Renata’s place since they were having a BBQ for their gorgeous daughter Ariana, whose 1st birthday is tomorrow! Awww! Now I would put up pics from the night, but I don’t actually have permission so nooo. Sadly the BBQ took place on the same day Glastonbury 2007 was on, so it was an invitation for the bad weather to hit us – and it did. Things started out fine as we all chatted away in the garden, but then came the rain to put a dampener on things. It began pee’ing down like there was no tomorrow. Having moved indoors, I got completely drunk on the copious amounts of beer that was available until I began seeing double everytime I looked at the TV. The night ended with Mark passing out drunk and being doodled on, with makeup by various people! I’ve never sniggered so hard without actually laughing (can’t wake him can we?). I had a lovely time, so RC/Ren & Neal if you’re reading this – cheers peeps! It was so good to see some old faces I hadn’t seen in ages too.

This upcoming weekend I’m off Paint balling! It’s been about 8yrs since I last went, and this time it’s a team building excercise event at Bullswood, Surrey. Given that the QA (Quality Assurance) department are coming along so they’re Numero Uno on everyone’s hitlist it seems. I’ve got myself the Big Bad Boy package with 1 Smoke grenade! I’ll have to utilise all my ancient Counterstrike techniques to outwit the competition who aren’t all oldies either. The famous Antycamp technique could prove handy in situations where I am trapped. My only worry is that we will end up looking like we’ve battled the forces of nature herself. Last time I went paint balling we all returned home with cuts, bruises, leaves and twigs all over us, and I don’t have to mention how paintful (hurhur) it can be to be shot in the arm, let alone the face! Hopefully the weather won’t put a downer on things either.

Back injury woes

Down but not out!

Arf! For the past week I’ve been suffering from a nasty back injury, the result of pushing myself too hard in the gym I would guess. Thankfully the pain is beginning to show signs of subsiding. It’s so surprising when something like this hits you out of the blue, especially when you very rarely have injuries or sicknesses of any kind. Me? Suffice to say that I haven’t seen my doctor in 15yrs, since I was 16yrs old to be precise. I am the type who hates medicine of any kind, preferring to let any pain subside naturally, and having said that I was almost persuaded by friends to visit my local doctor this morning. Yet this morning upon waking up, it had almost vanished!

So I spent a solid two hours at the gym this morning literally burning up because I hadn’t been in so long and for the next few days I will feel like an 80yr old OAP as a result. To make things worse, today here in London has been blisteringly hot. I rarely feel the summer heat but today has been FARKING HOT! I arrived home an hour ago and my normally cool room is a sweltering 29.4c! Summer is here baby!

I’m still here!

No I’ve not died…

I’m still around and haven’t forgotten this blog at all. With summertime being a complete scorcher over here I decided to take a break and spend more time with some close friends instead of gaming, blogging etc. Last Sunday 30th myself and my parents went up north to Leicester for the first time in ages to see who I would consider as the only true family we have in the UK. There are five sisters up there who I miss terribly and haven’t seen in just over a year. I can’t even explain how good it was to see them as well as their parents once again – to the point where I didn’t want to leave the place. What’s even worse is that I want to go back there…right now.

Uk heatwave to hit record highs

We’re gonna die!

Just when us Londoners thought last years summer couldn’t get any hotter, this upcoming Wednesday 19th looks to smash the July record of 36c (97F) seen in my old town of Surrey in 1911. Hell its hotter over here then most Spanish resorts and the Canery Islands!

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for London and the South East of England, so everyone will no doubt struggle. London buses have air conditioning apparently. I’m buggered if I can feel it because myself and many others are literally baking as we head home at the end of the day.

Given that I work at the top of a glass covered office/lab with a tin roof, the temperature up there gets, what can only be described as hotter then having two vindaloo’s on a night out followed by a chilli kebab. Today as I was leaving at 4pm, the temp was 38c. Taz paid me a visit and started sweating as she walked through the doors (not a nice sight I tell ya) because it was that bad. I don’t look forward to Wednesday’s predicted 35c.