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Apple iPhone v2 – Giv Meh!

Granted it brings little new to the industry in terms of features but that isn’t what it is all about. I have previously said that the OS (Operating System) has huge potential and I stand by that firmly. Wait till you see what is on the way. Given that Jailbreaking my iPod Touch recently brought me in touch with some superb applications virtually transforming my Touch into a device that keeps me almost constantly in touch with news/information/email/instant messaging etc it was clearly the best move I could have done. I can’t live without the hacked Touch now and it is now a tool that I depend on more than my measly mobile phone.

Whilst I’m at home it remains hooked upto my wireless internet connection updating my three email accounts. When I’m on the move it’ll tap into any wireless connection (only useful on foot to be honest!) and update itself (email, rss feeds, euro 2008 realtime results) and when I reach work it taps into a unsecured network and keeps itself updated again. If only I had a phone on this device…

So aside from software potential, what are the cons?

Well for starters 3G isn’t exactly new given that phones are utilising HSDPA now. Apple still insists on making users email photos to each other when MMS is clearly the way forward. Luckily for jailbroken iPhones SwirlyMMS exists as a third party application to do just this. Although whether you would want to with that useless 2MP camera remains a key point. I couldn’t care less about Bluetooth as I hate the power sapping technology. Enough ranting anyway, time for another pic!