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Easter goodness / Am I an alchy??

Shrleley not!

I trust everyone had a lovely Easter break? Over here in good old UK, London the weather was top dogs, and it was quite hot! Needless to say it was the perfect weather for….drinking lotsa booze! Now my girlfriend spent the weekend with me, as she was avoiding relatives who came to stay round hers. She then had the gall to say that I am becoming a fat (I’m 10.5 stones woman!), drunken alcoholic. Now this rather cruel outburst came when I was smashed out of my head trying to hold an MSN conversation with three people at once.

My amazingly nippy typing skills that would put any secretary to shame became a shambolic mess after gulping down 2x 1ltr bottles of Baileys (Caramel + Mint yum!), and 8x bottles of Kronenberg 1664 – My favourite beer. Now according to her, I am a fat, beer swigging bar-steward! Charming! I even had to take an Alchy Test…which I never did because I could not focus on the words yay! 😯 I am not allowed to go near alcohol for a week now…

Oh by the way, the day before Good Friday (6th April for you non UK’ers) I got a lovely Easter egg from me boss – A tiny Cadburys Creme Egg! Cheeky goit dropped them onto our office desks at lunchtime, while everyone was out for lunch and then legged it home on a half day holiday! I wasn’t happy one bit. I wanted more! So today after returning from the Easter break, I whinged in a way that would make PR proud! After lunchtime, I found a lovely Easter egg (see inset pic) sitting on my desk! 😆