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Recent Movie Round Up!

Awww. Do you want to see a grown man cry? Well, if that be the case, take one to watch Marley & Me. In my case, it was my friend Ayesha taking me to see this film, which I knew I would regret.

The film, loosely based on the book stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson as Jennifer and John Grogan – an everyday couple who are on the verge of starting a family. With Jennifer following her ‘life’s rulebook’ to a tee. Her next step in life is to have a child, much to the horror of John who feels that he just isn’t ready for such a step. To ween her off the idea he decides to get her a dog – but not any old dog, oh no. They purchase a lovable puppy and name him Marley. It quickly becomes obvious that this dog is a potential nightmare in the making, as he is hyperactive, eats anything and pretty much drives everyone mad.

The film also heavily focuses on the couple as they raise a family, with John obtaining ever more promising positions at work granting them a valuable opportunity to move homes to a better area. As their family blossoms Marley never changes and remains a constant (see troublemaker) in their family.  With Marley pretty much destroying everything he touches, he remains an integral part of their lives and is essentially their ‘first child’. The film never gets too cute and funny and maintains a serious edge mid-way through the film with the ending being enough to bring grown men and women to tears. Don’t watch this film with make-up on ladies.


This past weekend I had the chance to see Hancock, Will Smith’s latest film that has seemingly appeared out of nowhere with little hype until its UK release approached. I had hardly heard of the film until it arrived on my ‘hit list’ of films to watch. So armed with four extremely loony little nieces (well sort of!) we all bounced off to Harrow town to catch the flick before they had to head home to Deadyland aka Leicester. Shame we couldn’t grab a bite to eat afterwards wasn’t it?

The film is a must for all Will Smith fans. I am no means a fan but I do respect his acting skills and regardless of what the internet critics have to say – the guy has great screen presence. It’s amazing to see how he has moved from being the star on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to where he is now.

Hancock was a rather interesting film right from the outset. It starts out very strong and remained that way with comical touches throughout and then things begin to go slightly pear shaped almost half way through. This is not film of the year, but I highly rate the film in my books. It is quite good and comical and easily worth watching if you’re a Smith fan.

Will Smith plays John Hancock – a homeless, slightly reckless alcoholic who just happens to have super-powers. A bottle of whiskey is always close by as he charges through the air to bring villains to justice, in possibly the most over the top manner possible. His reckless attitude in protecting humans and apprehending criminals earns him a bad reputation from the media and civilians. Criminals aren’t the only ones at the receiving end of Hancock’s recklessness. That poor whale…

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

The Fedora Hat returns

It’s not everyday that a couple would go to watch a top hyped film and come out arguing like cats and dogs but that is what kinda happened on Sunday night when Deena and I decided to go and watch the latest Indy film. It’s been ages since I went to watch a film properly so I was pretty excited!

I won’t get in to the nitty gritty of the film because I wasn’t expecting something that could equal Lost Ark and Temple of Doom. Today’s films are in a totally different league to the older ones and Kingdom/Crystal Skull is a good example of how the film industry has changed over the recent years.

Nineteen years – is what separates us from the previous installations. It’s fairly obvious to say that Harrison Ford has aged out of his role as the Professor and part time adventurer. In this era of CGI heavy films you can’t be blamed for thinking that the film could end up as a flop. Luckily the film doesn’t make CGI scenes really apparent. There are some but I shall not spoil things.

A Moment To Reflect…

Tonight I managed to finish watching the first three episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – A continuation of The Terminator trilogy now serialised by the Fox network. As I watched this a few thoughts came storming in to my head as I saw one of the CGI Terminators in Episode 3. I cast my mind back to 1991 when Terminator 2 came out.

For those who know their computer hardware, did you know that the transformation scenes for the Terminator 2’s evil T-1000 were done by the legends known as ILM – Industrial Light & Magic? Most people will be nodding their heads round about now. However did you know that the machines they used back then consisted of 40MHz Silicon Graphics workstations with 64MB of RAM? Just think about that for a moment and look at the power we have with today’s hardware…scary isn’t it?

I Am Legend

"They mostly come out at night…mostly"

Coming from director Francis Lawrence we have the cinematic adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel and has been in development for years now. It was originally to be directed by Ridley Scott featuring Arnie, except by the time the final details were confirmed Arnie was a big shot governor in some U.S city…

I pretty much know what goes on this film but wanted to see it on the big screen. This was a Boxing Day release so I thought we could wait a week or so before watching it. There would be less chav’s in the cinema and we could actually watch in peace without bloody default Nokia or Sony Ericsson ringtones going off every 10 seconds. It wasn’t too packed so I could really take in the grim reality faced by our protagonist Dr. Robert Neville played superbly by Will Smith.