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I have Man-Flu

I sound like Mr.Bean!

I had a nasty touch of the man-flu about a week ago, but I managed to shake it off after a solid week spent at home with nothing but Lemsip and Beechams powder. However on Thursday night on the way home I realised that my eyes were heavy, my voice had changed so I now sound like Stephen Hawking’s on steroids, and my nose was blocked. "Shite", I thought to myself. I’ve just fought off the worst case of man-flu, and now it’s back so quickly to haunt me.

Now you have to realise a few things about me. Firstly, I haven’t seen my doctor since I was 18, I am now 32. He probably assumes that I am dead. Secondly Medicine is a no-no. I don’t touch the stuff, well apart from Paracetamol – mainly because it does nothing to me but put me to sleep. If I should catch a cold, it’ll last about 2-3 days, however this case of the recent man-flu knocked me out hard and now that I sit here typing this with a blocked nose and sore throat, it looks like it wants to finish me off.

So last night after a very rough journey home (nearly got arrested on the bus again), I popped into Boots the Chemist for a LOT of medicine.

The lady behind the counter looked at me. She was hot. I don’t get this, you see if you want to pick up a hot indian girl, forget temples, family meetings (oh god not those), forget weddings too. Go to BOOTS. It seems to be a magnet for hot, young indian girls…I think Deena won’t like me saying this, but then again she’s banned from my house until my flu vanishes 😀

Hottie: “It appears you have some kind of viral infection…your eyes….”

No shit sherlock? It is always reassuring to get such a definitive diagnosis from a medical ‘professional’. I just nodded. Opening my mouth to speak in my correct condition would scare her away should she hear my voice.

Wohoo, I’m Back!

I’ve been knocked out with the flu for just over a week now and it’s lasted a lot longer then orignally expected, nerf! Feeling way better as of this morning, but still haven’t left the house since I caught it! Woke up today listening to Embrace – Natures Law and feel a million times better for doing so. What really worries me is I’ve lost 5lb’s because of this flu, yep I’ve triple checked too. That can’t be water weight shirley?

Right now I’m just installing EditorMonkey from Raj Prasad, which replaces the built in, but rather flaky WYSIWYG editor that this blog utilises via WordPress. First impressions are already very good so hopefully this simplifies a lot of my blog writing. It’s also added a nice toolbar to the Post Comment’s feature so people can add MSN smileys and stuff!

Lastly, I shall rejoice along with millions of PC Gamers out there because Ubisoft have finally decided to drop using their copy protection system by the name of Starforce. Namely because they have lawsuits filed against them, due to the protection system actually causing havoc on many Windows based PC’s and rendering them almost useless. Starforce has managed to ruin the twin dvd writers on my PC rig to the point where they refuse to read any dvd, but read cd’s just fine, so cheers Ubi!…dozy pillocks. Thats right chaps, punish those who legitly buy your games why don’t you?

Google Video Addictive Or Wot?

Still got the sniffles and I’m sneezing all over the place at the moment. Since I’m retired to my bed, I’ve got my laptop and my 360 which I can play thanks to it’s wireless controllers so I’m not bored. Anyway, I’ve somehow become addicted to Google Video! I’ve spent hours finding funny vids on this, what a great, well implemented feature!



I Have The Sniffles… :(

Someone has given me the sniffles from last night and I’ve been sneezing all day today. Blocked nose and all that lark means that I’ve got little choice but to take tomorrow off from work while I try and recover. Man this sucks, I hate it when I catch the cold off someone else! 👿

Over the next 24hrs much Lemsip and Beecham’s shall be consumed! *sniff*