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A Costly Mistak

Incoming Babble/Rant/Whine

I rarely make mistakes when purchasing gadgets and gizmos. I do my research as much as possible, then scour forums for opinions and feedback from owners. I then do some research into the company and learn about their past products and how much attention those products had (e.g firmware/software updates). Finally I make my purchase based on information from the above analysis.
However I think I’m getting old, because I have made a balls up, a rather large one at that. I am mad about music, in fact the ladies at work often comment that I had been born with earphones already in my ears. So it is with some irony that I work in the field of audio too. I love portable audio players (except crummy ipods to you teenyboppers). I have heaps of them, however at present I own an iPod Touch…not the best sounding player like every other iPod in existance but the touch is a unique exception compared to a normal iPod – it has potential. More on that later anyway.

Google Video Addictive Or Wot?

Still got the sniffles and I’m sneezing all over the place at the moment. Since I’m retired to my bed, I’ve got my laptop and my 360 which I can play thanks to it’s wireless controllers so I’m not bored. Anyway, I’ve somehow become addicted to Google Video! I’ve spent hours finding funny vids on this, what a great, well implemented feature!