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Panasonic DMP-BD35 Blu-Ray Player Reviewed

Aside from Twitter virtually taking over any spare free time I have, I’ve also been buying a few toys. The most recent is a Blu-Ray player to replace my old HD-DVD player. The ‘Panny’ BD35 as it is known has received rave reviews online for it’s superb picture processing abilities and such a machine at a shade under £200 was too hard to ignore. You can find my review in the erm, reviews section!

My new HDTV arrives

It’s a bit large…

Yesterday I took delivery of my new 32" Samsung LE32R87BDX (big mouthful thar) HDTV. I have been agonising over purchasing a HD screen for ages now but finally jumped on board after the recent purchase of my Xbox 360’s HD-DVD player. While I was day-dreaming away in my office at work, the delivery man phones up saying that he’s just delivered it at my home. I almost got knocked out by an Australian backpacker as I jumped onto the bus and dashed home…to find the biggest box I’ve seen in ages. Took me a solid 10 minutes just to drag the box up to my room!

1080p on the Xbox360

A little more complicated then one would think…

I’ve been trying to make sense of this for sometime now, and only finally understood it. Microsoft have tried to get one over Sony in the HD (High Definition) war, and to be honest they’re hammering them hilariously. Although MS forgot to mention that 1080p wouldn’t be as simple as most people would have thought. The techy geeks knew it would be a complicated matter, and to be fair – it bloomin is. Depending on the method you’re using to connect the Xbox 360 to your TV set, you’ll obtain various results while watching films and playing games. I’ve been staring at a forum for what felt like hours last night and finally got my head around it.

A look at High Definition

It will take the Uk by storm

It’s a step change in television technology which provides far clearer and more detailed pictures than normal "standard definition" TV. The benefits are especially suited to larger LCD and plasma display screens. Basically HD is transmitted digitally. Each step in the transmission chain must be high definition to produce the end result on your screen. So you will need a HD decoder box to decode the incoming signals, as well as a HD Ready TV in the first place so you can actually see the pictures. Sounds simple right? Well there’s a lot more to it then the above, and it can get very confusing. Riyad at Trusted Reviews has a brilliant round up of exactly what to expect from this upcoming HD era.