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Weekend Mumblings

Kamikaze attack, a Wasp and WordPress

Man its hot out thar! Temperatures were hitting 28c outdoors and 30c in my room this weekend.

It was so damn hot that on Friday, a rather large fly decided to try and cool off by doing a kamikaze run straight into my left eye and completely knocked me out during a lunchtime walk by the side of the lake near my workplace. It was lodged in my upper eyeball and I could feel the bugger moving around but could I get it out?! Could I heck… I ended up walking home partially blinded, crashing in to random people as a result. I had to take a different route home too – it would be too embarrasing walking through Harrow town. Suffice to say that I eventually removed it, but fark me did that hurt! 🙁

On another note I was woken up on Saturday morning by a strange buzzing sound. It turned out to be a flaming suicidal wasp who preferred my cool pillow to the rather hot air. Needless to say this took me by complete surprise and saw me crash off the bed. A few hours later I was working under my desk rerouting some cables, and guess who I bumped in to down there? The blasted wasp was back and sent me fleeing to the nearest air freshner can. Coupled with a lighter it would be toast! Sadly the bugger had vanished by the time I had returned…

Site updates & Reviews

Nowt broken yet

I’ve received my Xbox 360 Wireless Headset earlier today, so I’ve done a quick review of that. You can find it in the reviews section. I’ve also upgraded the K2 theme for this blog. It’s taken me a good month or so of tweaking before I could bring it online, so some portions of this blog will still be missing, or dead. Lastly, I’ve re-enabled the Rolling archives feature, so you can seamlessly navigate through the older pages of this blog. Bear in mind that it’s a bit flaky, and doesn’t like the Opera browser one bit (not my fault!), it should work fine in Firefox and IE6/7. Please give me a shout if anything isn’t looking quite right. Ta!

IE5/6 PNG Images fixed

I’ve had a few emails from readers who have noticed small issues with the icons used on this blog in Internet Explorer 5-6. Namely that the backgrounds of them are blue. This is sadly because IE5.5-6 cannot render PNG alpha transparency properly. They don’t have the filter to do this sadly. IE7 which is in it’s beta stages finally fixes this long overdue issue. Firefox and Opera as expected are a lot more up to date therefore aren’t affected.

Internet Explorer 6 Issues – Fixed

If you’re using the useless browser try switching to the proper ones such as Firefox and Opera which can actually render web pages correctly. Right now there are thousands of blogs out there that seem to have rendering issues in IEx, but are fine on the mainstream Firefox and Opera browsers. Both browsers are free and miles better then the pathetic IE which comes built into Windows. Hmm, now that IE7 Beta is out, I suppose I better install that on my laptop and see how if theres any change.

Edit: Right, did some lightening quick code adjustments and now that sidebar should render properly in IE6/7. If the sidebar should suddenly vanish, just hit the page Refresh/Reload button (F5) and it should reappear