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WordPress 2.7 RC1 Lands


In a word, I am hugely impressed! I loathed WordPress 2.6.x and all it’s incarnations. It was a pain to navigate, clunky and just felt so delicate that I was afraid to even tweak my heavily modded K2 theme. Normally every WordPress upgrade ends up breaking my theme and I spend weeks re-writing sections of it. After the RC1 installation, much to my surprise everything was perfect and I cannot see anything out of place anywhere.

The new Administration panels are a joy to use and uncluttered, yet compact. Discussions are much easier to see at a glance on the dashboard thanks to the new comment features – you can now directly reply to a users comments and your comment will be updated in realtime beneath it. The whole overhaul is a breath of fresh air compared to version 2.6, which I regard as the poorest release of WordPress I have seen. I now await the full release on December 10th. Have that date on your calendar folks!

Updates (rather long)

On a spanking Sunday morning at 08:55 I am currently listening to what could be the most relaxing track ever – Stir It Up, from Bob Marley & The Wailers Legend album. I had forgotten how sublime this album was.

Blood Test Woes

Recent life updates would most notably be visiting my doctor for the first time in 18 years to have my first ever Blood Test. I have a severe aversion to needles and even threatened my dentist at the age of 15 so suffice to say that I was shitting bricks. I am no stranger to knives or being stabbed but if you come at me with a needle, I’ll run a bloody mile whilst screaming like Carlton from Fresh Prince. The whole process went by really fast even though the doc was doing the procedure in my left arm, my right arm was clenched ready to let rip. My mother was there to keep an eye on me though! Sad yes, required? Hell yes.

Weekend Mumblings

Kamikaze attack, a Wasp and WordPress

Man its hot out thar! Temperatures were hitting 28c outdoors and 30c in my room this weekend.

It was so damn hot that on Friday, a rather large fly decided to try and cool off by doing a kamikaze run straight into my left eye and completely knocked me out during a lunchtime walk by the side of the lake near my workplace. It was lodged in my upper eyeball and I could feel the bugger moving around but could I get it out?! Could I heck… I ended up walking home partially blinded, crashing in to random people as a result. I had to take a different route home too – it would be too embarrasing walking through Harrow town. Suffice to say that I eventually removed it, but fark me did that hurt! 🙁

On another note I was woken up on Saturday morning by a strange buzzing sound. It turned out to be a flaming suicidal wasp who preferred my cool pillow to the rather hot air. Needless to say this took me by complete surprise and saw me crash off the bed. A few hours later I was working under my desk rerouting some cables, and guess who I bumped in to down there? The blasted wasp was back and sent me fleeing to the nearest air freshner can. Coupled with a lighter it would be toast! Sadly the bugger had vanished by the time I had returned…

WordPress 2.5 lands

It’s that time of the month again

WordPress 2.5 arrived rather quietly overnight last night so it’s time to look into upgrading this blog again. For those who aren’t clued up on how big a upgrade this is take a look-see at the Screencast and the screenshots of the new dashboard interface.

A list of 2.5 compatibile plugins can be found Here. So next weekend I shall attempt to upgrade this blog, with possibly disastrous results. I may need to move to the latest K2 build at the same time I predict. Hoorah!

Kainzy.org downtime

WordPress 2.3.1 and K2 RC3 up and runnin!

On a weekend where I was meant to be writing an Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect review for the 360, I’ve ended up doing other things instead. My horrible addiction to Mass Effect continues to make me lose focus of other things in life, and as a result I ended up playing it for 8 hours straight on Saturday night until 2am!

Today I was meant to finish at least one review but noooo, I ended up deciding to upgrade the blog. Now I initially avoided WordPress 2.3 because it had some major changes that I knew would break the blog, and it did. Infact, it almost completely destroyed it when I did a ‘test upgrade’ when 2.3 first arrived a month ago, as it buggered up all my tags and deleted all my categories. Obviously I had to take the plunge so I installed it today.

Naturally my tags went haywire, so that now involves me re-tagging every sodding post I’ve made. I have now just realised that my categories have also gone a bit nuts so I have to re-categorise every post. Aside from that, the latest K2 theme has knocked me sideways in terms of flexibility. I normally hand code my sidebars, but the one you see on the right has been done completely via K2’s drag and drop sidebar manager and is an exact replica (well almost) of my old one.

Bits of the blog will still be flaky and inactive as I start trawling through code I haven’t looked at in months. Now, back to work!