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Back in July 2008 I decided to try out a little known application for the iPhone by the name of Twinkle, developed by Tapulous. I was instantly hooked as it used the geo-location functionality of the phone to let you know when people are nearby. You could search for users within a specific kilometer radius around you and chat to them, in addition you could enlarge or shrink that search radius to suit. Seeing other twitter users who were within range of you and chatting away was horribly addictive.

Twinkle was basically a superb (and still is) location aware chat client that allows you to upload photos to your Twitter account as well as update your status. Addictiveness knows no boundaries and I was pretty much ‘Twinkling’ on the way to work whilst on the bus, as well as doing the same whilst in the office at work and then on the way home. I’d be constantly ‘chatting’ to complete strangers via 140 character long messages, similar to SMS texts if you will.

Behind all of this was Twitter. In its simplest form, it is a website where you can broadcast short messages up to 140 characters max – to anyone who has signed up to receive them (known as a follower). In turn you can also become a ‘follower’ to other twitters. Your followers for instance could be say ten of your best friends or if you’re a well known celebrity like Stephen Fry, 190,539 crazed fans. Twitter started off fast and is gaining momentum and a frightening pace. Balls to Myspace and the Facebook’s of today, they’re nothing by comparison.

Twitter went mainstream fairly recently on February 5th 2009 when a US Airbus Flight 1549 hit some birds and lost power in both engines. The plane slammed into New York’s Hudson River, with everyone on board surviving. The most incredible thing was that there was a person on-board the flight using Twitter as his prime means of reaching the outside world. How he managed to remain calm and type away amongst the turbulence is another thing altogether.

James Morrison – Undiscovered is finally out!

One of the most talented artists to emerge from the UK since Richard Ashcroft

James Morrison has to be one of the UK’s most promising artists in a long time. His incredible blend of blues, soul and alternative rock is mesmerizing. At just 21, he has an extremely promising career ahead of him too. Absorbing influence from greats such as Cat Stevens, Otis Reading and Van Morrison, his debut album Undiscovered shows off the many years of work he has spent on this album.

Undiscovered landed on my doorstep this morning while I was at work of all things! 🙁 I rushed home today, ripped open the packaging and flung the cd into my Xbox 360. Ah, sheer bliss it was I tell ya! You can catch two tracks from the album right now on Uk radio – "You give me something", and "Undiscovered". This is what British music is about, none of that manufactured garbage. You can find him also on Myspace.com

Arr! Birfday Congrats To Kami/Phil!

One of me oldest online mates, owner of Halfmad.com (which he perma broke btw), bigtime RPG’er, and bald scottish chap is 31yrs old today! Thats THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD (just incase he’s struggling to read this, old age see). Anyway, hope ya have a lovely birfday and get utterly and completely razzled! Just for those readers who don’t know who this Kami/Phil tart is, here’s his Myspace page! – Don’t blame me if your browser crashes, myspace.com tends to do that quite a lot.

New Blogger Alert! – PR Has A Blog!

The whinging goit known as Pr (Private Ryan) has finally got himself a blog!, and defied the pesky Myspace.com tarts on #id! He’s the impatient, ranting type so it’ll be an interesting blog to read, and something tells me he’ll be ranting about WordPress itself very soon!

Myspace.com Invades #id

So, my good mates on #id on Quakenet who I have known for like 7 long years have finally lost their nerves…they’ve all (almost) signed upto myspace.com !

For those who don’t know, it’s the worlds largest meeting place where you can put up a profile of yourself, and meet other people. A lot of small upcoming bands tend to use this as a place to promote their music, which does work very well. However it’s also become a place where most users profiles consist of nothing but multiple poor pop videos, massive amounts of animated images, and enough multi-colored text to give even the most robust web browser a headache. It’s also a place where fit girls can flaunt themselves and er yes that bit is rather nice 🙂