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Black Sheep

Get the flock outta here!

Just for relaxation, this weekend myself and Deena watched a film I’ve been longing to watch the moment I saw the first trailer.

Black Sheep is from Jonathan King and features mad, angry carnivorous sheep, which run amok on a remote New Zealand farm. Henry Oldfield has a rather silly phobia – he has a fear of sheep after being the victim of a rather horrible childhood prank by his older brother, Angus.

After spending a good number of years working and living in the city, Henry returns to the farm to see old friends and to sell off his remaining share of the place to his brother. At the same time we’re introduced to two environmentalists who are trespassing onto the property to expose Angus, because according to them he is performing genetic experiments on his livestock.

Xbox 360 launches in Australia and New Zealand!

Those pesky people in Oz finally have access to the lovely 360 which should keep their living room nice and warm for months to come! www.my360.com.au has the full lowdown on the launch which should have been huge given the console’s success in America and Europe…

Aussie gal Kitteh, from deconstruct.me.uk has also obtained one! She also has Elder Scrolls: Oblivion much to my annoyance because I wants it too! My own, my preciooussss! So thats roughly 14 friends of mine who have bought the console…Paul from Surly Pidgeon remains, and lets face it he hardly plays pc games anymore so he’ll convert soon enough! :mrgreen: