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Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI and Spyware

How the hell did I miss this? Geroff moi land!

Right, let me just state that I have been using Paint Shop Pro for image editing since the Windows 3.1 days, back when it was a small feature packed app that could fit on a single high density floppy disk. Over the years I have always stuck with this product through all the operating systems that Microsoft have churned out for the consumer. I love PSP and was concerned when Corel acquired Jasc Software, creators of PSP. Merging is baaad folks – just look at AMD/ATI.

Anyway, my old version of PSP wouldn’t work with the newly installed Windows Vista, so I had to upgrade. Had to purchase the bugger too as I couldn’t upgrade. Now I’ve got to state that, without sounding like an arse I always make sure my PC’s are ultra secure and I observe every little file that lands on them, however I have missed one, which I stumbled across by accident when I was examining processes as my new Vista install has been rather slow web speed wise over the past few days.