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Clan iDentity TF2 Server Arrives!

Woo! I’m proud to announce that over the next day or so that we will have our own public TF2 server thanks to Jolt UK. ‘We’ referring to the old school Half Life DM/TFC/Quake/etc crew who I have known for utterly years – close to 10 years for a few of them. We have resided on channel #id on Quakenet for many years now.

With the TF2 Beta being a lot more robust than I originally expected, I thought to myself ‘We needs a server, our own, our preciouussses’. So I’ve gone out and gots us one! A 16 player public server will hopefully go live over the next few days and be open to all. It’ll be a good friendly place where hopefully old school TFC’ers can come and visit and have a blast.

We aren’t a clan, just a group of seasoned gamers who have ‘been there and done that’ in the past, so we just play for fun now as we have one of those things called ‘A LIFE’. Right, that’s the bollocks out of the way, now on to the rest of the details.

The server also will support Fortress Forever. Should we decide that TF2 isn’t progressing too well with regards to class balancing, we could end up switching over to that mod in future. Only time will tell.

Oh and lastly, www.halfmad.com has risen from the ashes, albeit in a slightly different form! It’s all bl00 and still run by me good mate Phil. He’s Scottish, bald and a bit of a loony but he has kindly put up a forum for our server. It isn’t finished yet, but shall be soon. In the meantime please feel free to register (that includes you goits in #id) and prepare for much TF2 discussions, rants, wines etc.

Update: 30th Sept: Not heard from Jolt just yet as it’s the weekend. Hopefully they’ll get some progress tomorrow, otherwise I’ll email them for info, as the money has gone out of my account
Update: 1st October: She’s alive!
Update: 23rd October: Server moved to

Some things not to admit to on Irc…

What are your worst tunes on your MP3 player?

Today was the launch of the new Apple iPod range over in the states. Needless to say there were good and bad products shown here, the highlight being the iPod Touch thing, which I’m sure people will quickly snap up only to realise that most touchscreen’s aren’t too COOL in use. The iPod Touch doesn’t have that much storage space either, well for some people anyway. For those who require over 16GB of space for their albums, they’ll have to carefully manage what goes onto their new iPod. Anyway, over on our quakenet channel where most of us old-school gamers chat and complain about life in general, PR was getting rather amped up about the new iPod despite stating he wasn’t wanting one.

An hour later after the Apple announcement ended, he’s started pruning away at his iPod music collection… So what follows are various snippets cut out of the channel, because some of the tracks PR has puts my collection to shame!. Let the shaming begin!

[21:26] * PR|PC prunes music collection
[21:28] <PR|PC> Call of Duty 1 soundtrack
[21:28] <Kainz> lol
[21:28] <PR|PC> keeping that
[21:28] <PR|PC> back in the day when they had real orchestras playing real music
[21:31] <PR|PC> 2 Faced by Louise (pre redknapp)
[21:32] <Kainz> LOL
[21:33] <PR|PC> shup!
[21:34] <Kainz> Louise lol
[21:34] <PR|PC> Lighthouse family!
[21:35] <Kainz> Better then Louise!
[21:35] <PR|PC> She’s hot!
[21:35] <Kainz> and now married!
[21:35] <Kainz> Ya got J-LO!?
[21:38] <PR|PC> Fahrenheit Soundtrack
[21:39] <PR|PC> Hang it Up!
[21:39] <Kainz> Teh what
[21:39] <PR|PC> When you play basketball with the cop!
[21:39] <Kainz> lol
[21:49] <PR|PC> Samantha Mumba!
[21:49] <Kainz> lmao
[21:49] <Kainz> and you have the balls to take the piss out of me for my taste!
[21:50] <Kainz> So what iplod bloat are you buying?
[21:50] <PR|PC> Who said I’m buying it?!
[21:50] <PR|PC> Tempted I must say
[21:50] <Kainz> You’re pruning e.g prepping your music collection!
[21:51] <PR|PC> Deleting Sam Mumba is hardly pruning!
[21:51] <Kainz> What about louise!
[21:51] <PR|PC> Gone

Random IRC moments

Poor Eeyore

This is from a chat session on IRC just last week. Myself, PR and Soth attempt to fool poor Eeyore into thinking his IRC client was broken. I think we did a rather good job as he was getting rather annoyed at not being able to decipher what we were on about 🙂

[22:47] <eeyore> This is UTF8
[22:48] <PR|PC> "!(*{{@~> 360!! _(
[22:48] <eeyore> oh ffs
[22:48] <Kainz> (&(£))" 360 :/
[22:48] <soth`> ??????????????????????????????????????????
[22:49] <PR|PC> %%^://www.$£"%%&^.co*\p(c.j%$
[22:49] <Kainz> )(*W)$ 🙂
[22:49] * Parts: eeyore (~mpcooke3@82-71-14-134.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk)
[22:49] * Joins: eeyore (~mpcooke3@82-71-14-134.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk)
[22:49] <eeyore> hello?
[22:49] <PR|PC> £$%£$" ^$?
[22:49] <soth`> %$!
[22:49] <eeyore> ARGH!
[22:49] <PR|PC> ¬|?
[22:50] <Kainz> $*))*|¬
[22:50] <PR|PC> ¬¬`!
[22:51] <Kainz> ?
[22:51] <eeyore> you can all sod off

Myspace.com Invades #id

So, my good mates on #id on Quakenet who I have known for like 7 long years have finally lost their nerves…they’ve all (almost) signed upto myspace.com !

For those who don’t know, it’s the worlds largest meeting place where you can put up a profile of yourself, and meet other people. A lot of small upcoming bands tend to use this as a place to promote their music, which does work very well. However it’s also become a place where most users profiles consist of nothing but multiple poor pop videos, massive amounts of animated images, and enough multi-colored text to give even the most robust web browser a headache. It’s also a place where fit girls can flaunt themselves and er yes that bit is rather nice 🙂