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The Gospel According To Chris Moyles

This week I bought my first autobiography! It was titled ‘The Gospel According to Chris Moyles’. Superb read to be fair.

Chris Moyles happens to be the Uk’s most popular breakfast radio show presenter and is a true legend. Him and his team have escalated Radio 1’s listening figures enormously and as a result, they’ve won a string of awards. Chris has just released his autobiography, which will no doubt sell like hotcakes. He’s not the biggest star in the world like your Wayne Rooney’s or your David Beckham’s but he’s very well known anyway.

So I’m perusing Amazon Uk for biographies when I stumble across a whole host of them belonging to no name British so called talent. There was a biography from Chantelle Houghton – the dumb winner of Uk Celebrity Big Brother! The ditzy cow is only in her 20’s and yet she’s got a book out detailing her ‘life’?! What life? 20yrs of it? Are you taking the pies woman?!

KitKat -vs- PimpKat

I’ve been wanting to mention pimpmysnack.com for quite some time now, after hearing about their Easter Giant Creme Egg project which had been produced over the Easter period. Needless to say, that after much laughter from such a brilliant site, I became ill just thinking about how anyone could consume any one of their projects without falling into a sugar induced coma! Jo Whiley on Radio 1 also did a similar project after getting inspiration from them. Keep up the good work PMS chaps!
Giant PimpKat