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Panasonic DMP-BD35 Blu-Ray Player Reviewed

Aside from Twitter virtually taking over any spare free time I have, I’ve also been buying a few toys. The most recent is a Blu-Ray player to replace my old HD-DVD player. The ‘Panny’ BD35 as it is known has received rave reviews online for it’s superb picture processing abilities and such a machine at a shade under £200 was too hard to ignore. You can find my review in the erm, reviews section!

APC UPB10 Mobile Battery Pack Review

1.21 Gigawatts!

We all know what a clumsy oaf our iPhone 3G’s are when it comes to battery life. It is common and quite upsetting to see that battery meter on the top right of our screens rapidly deplete as we merely browse the web or just use GPS with google maps just for a few minutes. It is something we sadly have to live with for the most part.

After ending up lost in the middle of Gloucestershire with a couple of colleagues because my 3G ran out of juice, one thing was pretty much clear. Those battery packs that I have seen people rabbiting on about, that extend the runtime of the 3G could actually be rather useful. I’ve had mobile phones in the past that could go on for days until they expended all their juice but the iPhone 3G is slightly different – I pretty much depend on it for almost everything I do. No mobile gadget has ever had such an impact on me…

With all that babble out of the way, my first review of 2009 arrives. It’s very short, with hardly any detail – I give you the APC UPB10!

Samsung NC10 Netbook Review

Awww it’s so ickle and cute!

It’s also been a while since I wrote a hardware review so here comes one based on what seems to be the present rated netbook on the market. The Samsung NC10 Netbook. This little bugger is to be the replacement for my Dell XPS 1530, which is soon to be given a new home!

You can find the review surprisingly in the reviews section!

GTA IV Arrives

Tuesday April 29th March 2008

It is quite rare for me to claim that a certain title is the best I have ever played. That award goes to a single game from 2002 – Mafia. Through the years I’ve seen titles come and go, in which I have claimed to be superb and whilst they have been just that, the replayability wasn’t there – Condemned and Bioshock for instance.

The Grand Theft Auto series since GTA: Vice City has always had a place in my heart. It’s sucessor San Andreas was equally as good featuring a huge land mass, in which you could do virtually anything you wanted to. It quickly became my favourite game of the series. Well move over San Andreas, GTA IV just became my favourite GTA but also  my second favourite game of all time. Since it’s release Grand Theft Auto IV has ranked up some of the highest review marks I have seen since Gears of War on the 360. Although I do think the marking for IV was a little over the top in quite a few areas it is without doubt an outstanding accomplishment from Rockstar.

Liberty City, is based on New York City of course, in which we see Niko Bellic (a war veteran from Bosnia) arriving in search of the American Dream. Does he find it though? Buggered if I could find out since I encountered a nasty broken mission bug, which saw me not receiving a key phone call from some lawyers so I ended up restarting the game. Suffice to say it’s been a rather long Bank Holiday weekend making up for all that lost time but I have had a blast, which didn’t please my girlfriend…

Dell XPS M1530 Notebook Review

Does it impress?

Oh yes! After almost blowing £1,100 on a better specification XPS laptop, which was sadly from the older XPS range I ended up being talked in to buying the M1530, the bigger brother of one of the best laptops from 2007, the M1330. Despite having a 2-3 week delivery delay on their laptops they managed to get it to be extremely fast. I ordered the thing online on the 3rd January, and it arrived on the 7th of January.

I have spent the past few days jotting down notes and have come up with my first review of 2008! Top dogs!