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The Verve’s UK Tour

Yarr! Thursday Dec 13th at the O2 Arena myself and Deena are off to watch the legends that are Richard Ashcroft, Nick McCabe, Simon Jones and Pete Salisbury perform in front of thousands. The tickets for the whole tour were sold out quite a while ago but she bought us both some well before that as a birthday present.

This morning she happily told me about it, even though I’d already known about it because I sneaked a peek at the receipts in her handbag weeks ago 😮 So we’ll be in Block 101, to the left of the stage boogying away to one of the best bands of the 90’s alongside Oasis. I can’t flippin wait for this one! Ta luv!

James Morrison – Undiscovered is finally out!

One of the most talented artists to emerge from the UK since Richard Ashcroft

James Morrison has to be one of the UK’s most promising artists in a long time. His incredible blend of blues, soul and alternative rock is mesmerizing. At just 21, he has an extremely promising career ahead of him too. Absorbing influence from greats such as Cat Stevens, Otis Reading and Van Morrison, his debut album Undiscovered shows off the many years of work he has spent on this album.

Undiscovered landed on my doorstep this morning while I was at work of all things! 🙁 I rushed home today, ripped open the packaging and flung the cd into my Xbox 360. Ah, sheer bliss it was I tell ya! You can catch two tracks from the album right now on Uk radio – "You give me something", and "Undiscovered". This is what British music is about, none of that manufactured garbage. You can find him also on Myspace.com