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My take on the iPhone 4

iPhone Antenna

Well I have managed my first review in a very long time here on Kainzy.org. It’s obviously been long overdue but with real life work commitments, it is so hard to spare the free time. Anyway, I have written a short ‘review’ if you will on Apple’s latest iPhone. The device is already a heavily controversial one, but at the same time it is a device  feature packed with great hardware. As always, you can find it in the reviews section.

The Apple iPad Lands

iPad Image
So Apple’s Conference just ended with announcement of the much fabled Apple Tablet, named the iPad. I’ll keep this short and sweet as I hadn’t set my expectations high unlike most people out there. I knew exactly what I expected of the device but have been surprised by a few things. Firstly I’m a major gadget geek, but instead of looking at the usability of devices I tend to be more interested in the hardware side of things, the internal components. That said, these was my predicted specs for the tablet prior to it’s announcement.

Two Tablet models:

Tablet 1:

  • 10″ LED Backlit IPS Panel Widescreen feat a touch display and a resolution of 1024 x 768
  • 3GS style Oleophobic coating to be present on the screen
  • Wifi N ONLY wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR Tech
  • Assisted GPS (same as iPhone 3G/3Gs)
  • 16, 32GB storage ability
  • Dual Cortex A9 Tegra 2 SoC
  • 2x USB ports
  • Twin speakers and a Microphone
  • 3.5″ Headphone connector
  • Accelerometer
  • Runs Mobile OSX (the same OS that is present on the iPhone’s and iPod Touch)

Tablet 2: All of the above with the following additions.

  • 10″ OLED Widescreen display featuring the same details as Tablet 1.
  • Built in iSight web camera
  • Wifi N & 3G wireless connectivity
  • 64, and 128GB storage capacities

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iPhone 3G Jailbreak

The iPhone Dev Team had done it yet again! Cracking through and unlocking the iPhone 3G with what they are hilariously dubbing yellowsn0w.

In short, you can unlock your iPhone 3G for use with almost any SIM providing you have the latest 2.2 Firmware and that your baseband is 2.28.00. Yellowsn0w is available on the Cydia app, meaning that your iPhone 3G has to already be jailbroken. I’ve gotta say thank you to these chaps. You’re incredibly talented developers and coders and the third party community is phenomenal. The sheer amount of quality applications and customisation tools really do make Apple’s useless Appstore look tame.

Apple iPhone v2 – Giv Meh!

Granted it brings little new to the industry in terms of features but that isn’t what it is all about. I have previously said that the OS (Operating System) has huge potential and I stand by that firmly. Wait till you see what is on the way. Given that Jailbreaking my iPod Touch recently brought me in touch with some superb applications virtually transforming my Touch into a device that keeps me almost constantly in touch with news/information/email/instant messaging etc it was clearly the best move I could have done. I can’t live without the hacked Touch now and it is now a tool that I depend on more than my measly mobile phone.

Whilst I’m at home it remains hooked upto my wireless internet connection updating my three email accounts. When I’m on the move it’ll tap into any wireless connection (only useful on foot to be honest!) and update itself (email, rss feeds, euro 2008 realtime results) and when I reach work it taps into a unsecured network and keeps itself updated again. If only I had a phone on this device…

So aside from software potential, what are the cons?

Well for starters 3G isn’t exactly new given that phones are utilising HSDPA now. Apple still insists on making users email photos to each other when MMS is clearly the way forward. Luckily for jailbroken iPhones SwirlyMMS exists as a third party application to do just this. Although whether you would want to with that useless 2MP camera remains a key point. I couldn’t care less about Bluetooth as I hate the power sapping technology. Enough ranting anyway, time for another pic!