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iPod Touch Review

Yes I know that one isn’t real!

Well up goes a review that I have struggled to even complete. It is a good couple of days late mainly because my life has been taken over by a combination of Team Fortress 2, Work (no change there then), a nagging girlfriend who wants to go shopping, and a France Booze Cruise in two weeks time. All of this isn’t helped by the fact that there are a whopping three birthday parties I have to attend, a wedding (hate these) and two PC’s I have to set-up for two clients all in October! Happy days eh?

Anyway, you can read how I feel about this spiffy new device in the reviews section or just click Here. Want a more detailed review? Well me good mate PR has been blithering on about his one, so you can find his review on his blog.

Clan iDentity TF2 Server Arrives!

Woo! I’m proud to announce that over the next day or so that we will have our own public TF2 server thanks to Jolt UK. ‘We’ referring to the old school Half Life DM/TFC/Quake/etc crew who I have known for utterly years – close to 10 years for a few of them. We have resided on channel #id on Quakenet for many years now.

With the TF2 Beta being a lot more robust than I originally expected, I thought to myself ‘We needs a server, our own, our preciouussses’. So I’ve gone out and gots us one! A 16 player public server will hopefully go live over the next few days and be open to all. It’ll be a good friendly place where hopefully old school TFC’ers can come and visit and have a blast.

We aren’t a clan, just a group of seasoned gamers who have ‘been there and done that’ in the past, so we just play for fun now as we have one of those things called ‘A LIFE’. Right, that’s the bollocks out of the way, now on to the rest of the details.

The server also will support Fortress Forever. Should we decide that TF2 isn’t progressing too well with regards to class balancing, we could end up switching over to that mod in future. Only time will tell.

Oh and lastly, www.halfmad.com has risen from the ashes, albeit in a slightly different form! It’s all bl00 and still run by me good mate Phil. He’s Scottish, bald and a bit of a loony but he has kindly put up a forum for our server. It isn’t finished yet, but shall be soon. In the meantime please feel free to register (that includes you goits in #id) and prepare for much TF2 discussions, rants, wines etc.

Update: 30th Sept: Not heard from Jolt just yet as it’s the weekend. Hopefully they’ll get some progress tomorrow, otherwise I’ll email them for info, as the money has gone out of my account
Update: 1st October: She’s alive!
Update: 23rd October: Server moved to

It’s here…

October 1998 – Half Life was released to a gobsmacked gaming generation

December 1998 – Valve states that TF2 is to be released soon…

May 1999 – TF2 Renamed Brotherhood Of Arms…launch date questions are largely un-answered. 

Mid 2000 – TF2 Scrapped…and started from scratch

October 2003 – Half Life 2 Source code leaked with portions of TF2 specific code in it.

November 2004 – Half Life 2 released, no further TF2 news announced…

July 2006
– TF2 to be released as a HL2 mod…

September 17th 2007 – Team Fortress 2 Beta begins

Close to 10 frikken years of waiting, Team Fortress 2 has finally arrived…and I’m 10yrs bloody older as a result!