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My new HDTV arrives

It’s a bit large…

Yesterday I took delivery of my new 32" Samsung LE32R87BDX (big mouthful thar) HDTV. I have been agonising over purchasing a HD screen for ages now but finally jumped on board after the recent purchase of my Xbox 360’s HD-DVD player. While I was day-dreaming away in my office at work, the delivery man phones up saying that he’s just delivered it at my home. I almost got knocked out by an Australian backpacker as I jumped onto the bus and dashed home…to find the biggest box I’ve seen in ages. Took me a solid 10 minutes just to drag the box up to my room!

Hanns Gruber invades my room

Yippie-kay-yay, motherhubbard!

Ragh! Recently I’ve had a ton of cash burning a hole in my pocket, so what better way to splash out then to purchase some LCD screens for my PC? As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been hunting for a single large screen LCD or two larger then 17" LCD widescreens. In the end I found some mid-end LCD’s going for roughly £130 each! They’ve got both DVI and VGA connections, so I’m totally sorted!

I should mention that they’re made by Hanns-G….Yes, Hanns Gruber himself, the man who tried to rob the Nakatomi Tower in Los Angeles, from the film Die Hard! Bruce Willis mate, you failed to realise that after you saw Hanns fall off the top of the building, he bounced off the fat doughnut eating cop and survived. He went on to make quality LCD’s! So thats one 20.1" Belinea LCD for the Xbox 360 on the left, and the twin 19" Hanns-G LCD’s for my pc. Overkill? Oh yus!

Recent activities

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve had very little time to write up my weekly thoughts let alone anything else. At work I am training other people to do some of my jobs in order to take the pressure off me, which leaves me mentally exhausted towards the end of the day! Right now there is a critical situation where one of our products has started failing horribly – as there’s a multi million dollar contract for this item, sorting out the issues has made it a top priority for me.

My new baby!

DSC00942 DSC01063
Here on the left we have me new 20" widescreen bugger to go with my lovely XBox 360. My gaming/pc setup is now complete yay!

Xbox 360 withdrawal symptoms

Feel cold and sweaty while I await my VGA cable from play.com, just so I can actually use the sodding console on my decent TFT screens instead of a piddly 14" TV with a mono speaker. It’s so bad that I cannot bear to play Project Gotham Racing 3 in such horrible fashion. Urgh! Bring on Tuesday 13th!