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Valentines Day!

It’s that time of the year again folks!

Break out those Tesco’s Valentines Card! Show your loved ones just how much they mean to you but printing out one of these gorgeously crafted cards.
Oh and to everyone out there, have a romantic valentines 😛

Note: I am not to blame if you get dumped. If she does love you though, she’ll see the funny side of it….or not.

Valentines – It’s that time of the year again folks…

Yes chaps, break out those cheapo Tesco’s Valentine’s Cards! Guaranteed to get you dumped by your significant other half faster then you can say "wtf!?".

"Your sweet whispers echo in my ears, admist chaos and disorder" ~

I’m gonna be an uncle!

w00t! Right, recently me good mate Raj aka RC told me (1 week before the wedding!) that he’s getting married to his lovely lady Renata…on the 14th Feb (Valentines Day). I suspect he chose this date so it’d be easy to recall future anniversary dates but lets leave that for now. They’ve been together for utterly ages now and have just found out it’s a lovely bouncing girl that they’re both expecting! Awwww! I’m gonna be an uncle! *sniff*gonna bloody cry!*sniffles*