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Creative Vs Daniel_K

Silence from Creative after customer revolt

Picture the following scenario. Imagine if you had gone out and purchased a Creative Labs Soundblaster of some kind, there’s loads of them around but the most popular ones would be their Audigy and XFI series cards. Now imagine smiling when you saw that ‘Vista Compatible’ logo on the box, meaning that the card would work on Microsoft Vista. So you purchase it, take it home and install it into your PC. You would then either:

  • Install the drivers from the included CD
  • OR simply get and install the latest drivers from the Creative website

You would now have a fully working card right? You should be able to use all its capabilities given that it is ‘Vista Compatible’. What would you do if you found out that it wasn’t really ‘Vista Compatible’ ? This is what thousands of creative soundcard owners have been asking themselves for years now. Creative’s soundcard drivers have always been laughably poor, even back when I used them on my Audigy 2 in Windows XP, but it turns out that their new XFI drivers are just as bad. There are no decent working drivers in Vista at present I am led to believe. Because the Creative ‘Soundblaster’ moniker is such a powerful one – your average joe public just assumes that the product adds high quality sound to your PC, and will then go out and purchase one without knowing all this.

Bad Vista!

Being hit by the ‘Wake up call bug’…

Lately Vista x32 has been acting like the bitch queen from hell on my PC, there is just no reasoning with it at all because it does what it wants regardless of your needs. When the OS (Operating System) works it is a dream to use but when it doesn’t it becomes rather irritating. To the point where I’m actually thinking about the damn thing even though I’m at the dinner table with my girlfriend – in a resteraunt. She’s thinking about future things and I’m thinking about how to get more speed out of the OS…

Over the weekend I decided to reinstall Vista in preparation for Service Pack 1 due later this month. At the same time I decided to dedicate a hard disk to XP and dual boot between the two OS’s, mainly so I could play older games, which don’t like Vista. Upon installing XP, the setup utility would crash after it had pre-loaded some XP bits on to my system, this was rather puzzling. I performed a full chkdsk /f which took a solid 2hrs, much to my annoyance.

Vista x32 to x64

Got Device Drivers?

I have been wanting to upgrade to Windows Vista 64 from (Vista 32) bit for quite some time now, but just haven’t found the time to do it, until now. The Christmas Holidays are upon us and come Friday evening, I decided to take the jump.

I backed up any crucial data to my raft of external hard drives and threw the Vista 64 DVD in to the PC. I planned to format C:\ and install the OS there. Since I have my programs stored there, I would be required to reinstall those too. Vista x64 doesn’t run 16bit code at all, so my existing 16bit programs would have to run on XP via Virtual PC 2007. Virtualization ftw!

Windows Vista – Two months later

Does it impress?

I’ve been writing about this for a while now, just collecting and scribbling down my experiences with this new operating system from Microsoft. It’s such a big system with so many drastic changes under the hood that at this early stage, it can have teething problems. Read my first two months experience Here.

Also a quick heads up, PR has updated his blog with a blinding review of the Toshiba M400 TalbotPC!

Windows Vista

I’m free! Since it’s release on the 30th January I’ve been tinkering around with Windows Vista and generally being driven mad by it’s quirks. On the upside I’ve found this operating system rather refreshing to use over stale XP. I’ve also been taking down notes on my experiences and have written an article on what Windows XP users can expect when they make the transition to this bloatastic OS.

Now that this write up is out of the way, and my system is semi stable, I can finally get back to writing games reviews, which I’m well behind on right now.